Download WPW App, Win Correa Game Cleats & More Prizes (Updated)

Carlos Correa Cleats



For those sitting on their couches at family gatherings wondering what to do with themselves, here’s an easy way to win a pair of Carlos Correa adidas Energy Boost Icon player exclusive cleats:

giveaway extended

To Win:

  1. Download WPW app & create account.
  2. Follow @whatproswear on the WPW app.
  3. Add a Carlos Correa item to your virtual locker.

All you need to do to download the WPW app is click here.

How do you follow @whatproswear on the WPW app you ask?  Here’s how:

correa instructions

Click the 3 dots in the red circle above, then click “SEARCH PROFILES.”  You can search for “whatproswear” there, then tap on our profile, then tap “FOLLOW.”  You’re done with that step.

How to add a Carlos Correa item to your locker?  Check it out:

correa locker directions

Tap that + icon to add a Correa item to your locker.  It doesn’t matter which one you add, just make sure its Correa’s to be entered!

UPDATED: We’ll pick 4 winners and notify them via e-mail (so make sure you have a valid e-mail on the app) on Sunday, 4/30/17!