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The arctic Minneapolis elements are trying to stifle us (and the participants) but here’s a few quick hits as the Derby continues. Recon Northwest sent these customs through, Nike MVP Elite 3/4 turfs detailed for Robbie Cano in pregame.  If anybody has any images of him wearing these, tweet us @whatproswear and […]

Franklin sent through the Derby/All Star exclusives for their guys lucky enough to be elected to the game.  Even luckier, they whispered in our ear that, aside from the Red/White/Blue ASG gloves already available, 3 versions of EACH player’s batting gloves (in the actual player’s size) ARE AVAILABLE NOW.  Again, only […]

There’s hardly been advancement in bat weights – until Varo Baseball came along. Varo is taking baseball by storm, used by your favorite MLB players down to Little League future sluggers. Varo is a true revolution in on-deck swings and off-field training. So, what’s so special about the VARO WEIGHT? First, Varo’s […]

Every ballplayer’s dream is to make it to the Show.  That’s the pinnacle of it all, right?  You make it to the Show, what could be better? Its days like these when we realize it might be worth the extra hacks off the basement tee to shoot for the All […]