#452198232 / gettyimages.com Gotta hope Jones gives the Volt stuff to a lucky fan.  Orange and Volt are an absolute hard no.  A hard no.  And I know you’re wondering, is the sleeve available?  Yes it is. Sometimes its notable, what they AREN’T wearing.  Here’s Mike  Trout (profile), deferring to […]

Dee Gordon flew around the bases with Under Armour swag, including the Deception cleats on the right and the crazy BG’s which I’m assuming are related to a super hero… Iron Man?  That’s my guess. Miggy stealing the show in the 4040v2 Bass Pack in Navy. Read more about those here, […]

#452196526 / gettyimages.com Jeets made a heck of a play, then doubles as a classy Minnesotan chants, “OVERRATED!”  Honestly, that could not have been sweeter. If you missed this, watch it: Above and below, get a look at those Lux All Star specials.  Also notice the hats, which are mostly […]

BY BRIAN DURYEA It is not every day you get to see the best short stop to ever play the game pick up a metal bat and take a couple of hacks. The 2014 All-Star Legends and Celebrities exhibition softball game the day before the 2014 MLB All-Star Game,  however, […]

Sneaker Bar Detroit showed off Jeter’s Jordan All Star cleat, modeled off the current Jordan Jeter Lux, but with an epic new look that celebrates Jeter’s All Star appearances. Check out Sneaker Bar Detroit for many more images.  Check out Jeter’s entire profile here.

Nike is going off this All Star break, first with a flood of new colors for the Lunar Vapor Trout, and now with something we’ve seen pop up in the last year or so, finally revealed in full.  The Nike Vapor 360 outfielders glove, a synthetic glove that incorporates Nike’s shoe technologies […]

Mike Trout (profile) just dropped this little treat on Instagram, a Rainbow Trout-inspired Lunar Vapor Trout by Nike.  THESE ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE.  It is literally called the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Trout!  This is not only very creative, and in my opinion awesome (especially because its available), but this is straight-up […]