View image | Zack Greinke has a 35 and 2/3rds inning scoreless streak.  It took Mike Trout about 45 seconds to end that nonsense.  Now you may say that Greinke’s regular season streak is still active, which is true.  But we all know what happened tonight.  Trout faced up […]

Franklin pros abound in the Mid-Summer Classic, and we’ve got the close-ups right here.  Where last year Franklin made all of their All-Star exclusives available in limited very limited quantities, this year Franklin is using the big stage to show off a new feature on their gloves, the Powerstrap (Patent […]

We posted them on social media already (even got some Darren Rovell love), but here’s a more in-depth look at both Salvy Perez and Yadi Molina’s gear for tonight’s spectacle, thanks to Rawlings Sports. Salvy’s Rawlings chest protector was an object of desire during Opening Week when we showed it off, and at […]

View image |   So first thing’s first, what’d you guys think of the new format?   I thought it was pretty sick.  My roomate, who is not a huge fan of baseball, actually seemed to be enjoying it as well, which I took as a good sign. As […]