Little Franklin rundown for the All Star guys, though I think we’re missing some guys. You can get an All-Star Limited Edition pair at this link. Paul Goldschmidt customs with space for his hand protection above. Miggy’s CFX Pro Ben Zobrist’s Franklin Pro Classic Daniel Murphy’s Franklin CFX Pro Jonathan […]

Quick post so you know the Harper One Platinum cleats are available for purchase right now. And here’s our interview with Bryce from yesterday about the cleat.  Bryce loves WPW.  And don’t you forget it.

The 3000v3s you see here are all customized by one of the of the best in the game, @mache275. I would marry each and every one of them. I would have 11 wives, and they would all be pairs of baseball cleats and people would judge me but I don’t care […]

First thing we saw (and liked) is these UA Heater Lows from Zack Britton, which we are told will be out in 2017.  Gorgeous. A bad look at Josh Donaldson’s Swingman Remix cleats which are dripping swag.  DRIPPING SWAG.  No indication of availability on those batting gloves, but the Trout […]

Mookie Betts will swing the first Axe bat in MLB All Star history tonight, and he is also Axe’s first pro signing.  Mookie will not swing the pictured metal 2016 Elite L130D.  He’ll swing a Victus model.  We’re working on details on that one.  We’ve previously seen Betts swing the MLB-approved Victus […]

Giancarlo Stanton stole the show last night with the most impressive power display we’ve ever seen.  61 bombs.  Obviously that’s the bat everyone wants to know about and you’ll hear all about it, but it was an awesome display of artillery all around.  Here is every one of them and […]