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Would you like to reach serious athletes in a trusted environment who are actively in the market for equipment? WPW is the place to be.

Your target in its purest form:
  • Over 23,000 deeply engaged “sessions” per week (average time per session is 3.5 minutes)
  • Those 23,000 visitors generate over 6,300 click-throughs to retail links per week
  • 94% of users are serious athletes between the ages of 12 and 28
  • 80,000+ page views per week
  • Our organic search engine performance is outstanding; 15,000+ organic search engine referrals per week—and if they’re searching for a piece of equipment, they’re looking to buy
  • Most importantly, our readers trust us. They keep coming back because they want to see the latest and most cutting-edge gear to compliment their game and they know we will deliver. This platform is the perfect place to market because your product is exactly what our users are looking for.

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