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Francisco Lindor’s Rawlings PROS15ICBPRO Glove (Zebra Mesh)

Francisco Lindor wore a Rawlings Pro Preferred Zebra Mesh PROS15ICBPRO glove on July 20 and IG user @matthewakurz got us on it.  Lindor's signature FL12 is the same general pattern: 11 3/4″ inch 200 model with an I-Web.  We haven't seen it since but let us know if you do.  Here's the specs on this glove:

  • 11 3/4 inch
  • PRO200 pattern
  • Pro Preferred Shell. Red lace
  • Zebra mesh in PRO Mesh style.
  • Pittards, wool padding, wool wristband lining, same specs as Lindor’s current gamer.
  • Plat labels
  • Scarlet embroidery, “Lindor BC” on thumb
  • Silver foil stamping


Drum roll please… this glove will be at JustBallGloves.com in December.  In the meantime, get Lindor's FL12 (which he has gamed consistently for a few seasons) at the link.

You buyin?

Images: @lindor12bc