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Gary Sanchez’ Victus APV Maple Bat

Gary Sanchez’ custom Victus GS24 bat, which he broke into the Bigs with and instantly became a star, is most similar to the APV, a cut made popular in the MLB by Albert Pujols and his Marucci Maple.  Sanchez dropped the customization and now swings the original APV.

El Gary put on an absolute show with the APV in the HR Derby, though he somehow passed on the incredibly sick Kraken bat, done by @smuglabs, instead swinging the black version with the Dominican Republicanized logo.  I still say that’s why he didn’t win it.  That bat was just too fire to pass up.  If I broke it I’d probably cry.  Maybe that’s how he felt.

Measurements: 34/31.5

The Victus APV bat is available on Victus’ site for customization, at the link.

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