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First Impressions of European Beech from MINE Wood Bats, the Italian Import

Prince Fielder swinging Mine European Beech Bats

Prince Fielder has swung the Mine Roma and Taormina European Beech Bats in 2014. via @minebats


This week I had the chance to try out a bat from a new and innovative MLB-approved lumber company, MINE Bats. Ever since WPW posted our report on Maple vs. Birch vs. Ash, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of using Beech, which is said to be a denser wood than maple and flex as much or more than ash.

According to MINE Bats, Beech is…

“…denser and more elastic than other species commonly used to make bats, European Beech Wood is the perfect choice for engineering a premium wood bat. You will feel the beech wood difference when you make your first contact.”

When using the Como model from MINE I could feel the flex, but it was not overwhelming. I will say to not judge the bat based on hitting off the tee or front toss. It’s tough to get the full effect unless using the bat in BP or in the game. The ball jumps off the bat and has a similar feel to maple. The finish of the bat is slightly different, though. They use a finish that is used on high-end rifle stocks and has a smooth, soft feel to it. I’m looking forward to trying the bat some more, but after using it for a few rounds I am very impressed by the quality of the European Beech wood from MINE.

You can get your hands on European Beech from MINE here, and in case you were on the fence, MINE is offering a 10% discount to WPW readers—just use discount code WPW10 at checkout.  You can also connect with MINE on Twitter, too.


  1. Great Deal on these at Eastbay. $50. Bought 2 and am super happy I did, the ball does jump off the bat.

  2. If you are going to be an unbiased reviewer, you cannot be participating in a promotion with the company of the product you are reviewing. Dumb.

    1. ok next time we’ll run it by you to make sure its ok. our bad.

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