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Cedric Mullins has made a name for himself as the center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles. He earned the Orioles’ MVP award, joined the 30/30 club, and started in the All-Star game, all in 2021. This season, he is off to another good start and is still using his personal […]

Hunter Pence’s MaxBat HP9 is a custom cut exclusively for Hunter Pence and it is modeled after MaxBat’s A10 with just a few tweaks. On the HP9, Pence added the X Knob which is a flared knob that is easy on the hamate bone and greatly increases the balance of […]

Crawford has been swinging MaxBat most recently, a 33.5 inch/31.5 or 30 oz Maple that is available on MaxBat’s website.

Wil Myers has been swinging MaxBat his entire career.  Myers’ MaxBat WM4 is an R10 (available) with a beefed up barrel.  Myers and his bear paws have no use for peasant batting gloves.  Measurements: 34/32.5

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