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Carlos Gomez

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When you hear 6’3 215, you expect to hear about a big bopper who peppers the outfield bleachers, not a guy who finished fourth in the NL with 40 stolen bases. Carlos Gomez, is one of the most highlight-friendly players in the game today. Gomez effectively mixes speed and power in his game, a combination that will make him the perennial All-Star the Mets envisioned when they plucked him as a 16 year old out of the Dominican back in ’02.

Find me a guy in the Bigs right now who has a better motor than Gomez (except Harper, thats a given). As a Chicago Cubs fan, it’s my “duty” to dislike players from the opposing team, but its impossible to dislike Carlos Gomez. Day after day the guy comes to the yard ready to shove it up the opposing team’s grill no matter what!

Performance aside, Gomez is an absolute swagger hound. Lets check out the gear that makes Gomez the dude he is on the field.

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