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The mentality that Ian Desmond brings with him to the field everyday is how every up-and-coming player should act. Go to a team where you know you can be successful and be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Ian Desmond may have had a down 2015, but one thing did stick out about him. He was recorded with having the fastest throw from shortstop to first base in all of MLB that year. This, along with his leadership qualities, is what drew the Rangers to him, asking to utilize his cannon in the outfield.

For a second year in a row, Des signed with a new team, the Rockies, and was again asked to change positions, this time to first base. Many do not approve of this move, citing that Ian has never played the position in organized baseball ever before and that his athleticism is being wasted there. Yes, first base is a hard position to master, but when you have seven years of experience playing the hardest position on the field, you will have the ability to pick it with the big glove. Not to mention he shows up on the back field at 7 AM everyday to practice. 

Take notes, everyone. If you want to make it in baseball, you have to work like this guy.

It was noted in Ian’s introductory press conference that he will be used similar to how the Cubs use Ben Zobrist. He will have a solidified starting position, but will be moved around based on team needs following injuries or trades. For that reason, we are going to show you the gloves he’s used at every position he’s played thus far, in case he does get shuffled around.

BONUS: Des had one of the sweetest walk-up songs in the league last summer. Give it a listen here

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