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For Giants fans, there’s no bigger number than 0.25.  That’s Madison Bumgarner’s World Series ERA, a number that you just don’t hear in any context when talking about ERA, let alone in the WORLD SERIES.  What’s great about 0.25 is its easy to know what it means.  It means that in 36 World Series innings, equivalent to FOUR GAMES against the best team in the American League, the Clydesdale born in Hickory, North Carolina has given up one pathetic run.  That one pathetic run came in the 7th inning of 2014’s Game 1 rout.  It was the only way for the Baseball God’s to prove that he’s mortal.

Before we get to the gear, I want to give you a quote from Kevin Bumgarner, MadBum’s dad who BUILT THE FAMILY’S LOG CABIN WITH HIS BARE HANDS.  This ran in the NY Times after Madison Bumgarner’s 5-inning save in Game 7 of the World Series:

“I didn’t know if he had enough left tonight,” Kevin said. “But I did know that boy would try to steal a steak off the devil’s plate.”

That’s the coolest thing anyone has ever said.

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