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Victor Martinez

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Victor Martinez’, in his age 35 season, just had a career year and is the definition of locked in.  While most guys are winding down their careers, Martinez has only gotten better in his 30s.  Check out his stats pre-30:

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And now post-30:

v mart stats after 30

He’s certainly wearing his age well, adding a very fitting 30 points to his OPS, and improving in every aspect of hitting.  For heaven’s sake HE’S A SPEED DEMON, blazing his way to 6 stolen bases in his 30s, SIX TIMES MORE than in his 20s.

But seriously, Martinez is a technician in the box, leading the league in both OBP and OPS in 2014 while taking a lot of pressure of Miggy Cabrera as he struggled with injury (side note: struggling for Miggy is still leading the league in doubles).

Martinez is a Mizuno guy, and has some really nice stuff in his locker.

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