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When a guy like Puig comes along, an explosive athlete with a “bull in a china shop” mentality, they’re always going to have their supporters… and of course their detractors.  The detractors are always a lot louder (free life lesson).  People don’t like how he expresses himself on the field.  He doesn’t come from the Brian McCann School of Zero Fun Baseball; he actually shows emotion, smiles, busts his ass, runs into things.  When he does that the detractors say he’s not disciplined, he’s showing people up, he needs to learn to “respect the game” (whatever that means).  The fact of the matter is they should be thanking him for it.  To the majority of spectators, Major League Baseball is PAINFULLY BORING.  I’m not saying me, or you, but the average viewer.  Need evidence?

A perfect example of why baseball needs Puig: the exchange between Puig and Madison Bumgarner.  A match-up between an outstanding pitcher and an outstanding hitter in a division rivalry.   That SHOULD be exciting and emotional!  No offense to Bumgarner, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him so much as blink out there on the hill, let alone get in somebody’s face, so it was refreshing to see that he’s actually got a pulse and somebody can get under his skin.  After the home run/bat flip, Bumgarner continued to dominate the Dodgers for 8 innings and a W.  That’s what competition is all about people!  And without Puig it would have just been another respectful home run ending with a politely placed bat and considerate trip around the bases.

Some of these dudes need to be reminded they are being paid absurd amounts of money to play a children’s game and that they shouldn’t take themselves so seriously.

If it were up to me, they’d all be like Puig.

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