Dustin Pedroia’s Wilson A2K DP15 Glove

Dustin Pedroia's Wilson A2K DP15
Dustin Pedroia's Wilson A2K DP15Dustin Pedroia's Wilson A2K DP15

Dustin Pedroia’s Wilson A2K DP15 Glove

(Link is to 2015 model, Pedroia uses a model that is no longer available) Pedroia’s glove has been dirtied beyond recognition, but he’s still wearing his A2K DP15 from at least 3 seasons ago. We added a shot from 2012 when you could still tell what it was. He tried a red version (below) in 2013, but it just didn’t have the same feel and Pedroia had to go back to Old Faithful. Pedroia is known for riding his gloves into the ground. The 3-time Gold Glover reportedly had a glove that he wore from the time he was ten years old until it broke in his first professional game, at 21 years old. Because he’s used it for so long, he’s most likely had it restored (lacing, even leather where necessary), but because its been so long, Pedroia’s Wilson is more like an extension of his hand than a baseball glove.

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