Tyler Beede, Giants #1 Prospect, on “Neuropriming,” Pre- and Post-Start Routines

Tyler Beede (pronounced bee – dee, thanks Youtube), SF Giants #1 prospect, took a moment to let WPW in on some new tech that is buzzing in the Giants clubhouse: Halo Sport, a “neuropriming” headset that claims to “increase the excitability of motor neurons during athletic training to improve strength, skill, explosiveness, and endurance.”

Beede also graciously gave some tips on pre- and post-start routines.  Beede is a two-time first-round pick, a national champ, and led the Eastern League in ERA last year.  I’d say he’s worth a listen if you’re looking to make a name for yourself as a pitcher.  Give Tyler a follow on Instagram.  Oh, and I couldn’t not tell you that he’s actually a decent freestyle rapper:

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