About What Pros Wear

What Pros Wear is your first stop when searching for elite sports equipment.

So you focus on what exactly?

We focus on the products that professional baseball and basketball players are wearing & using on the field & court.

Why do you focus on what pros wear only?

We focus on pros to make buying the best gear easier and more fun.  Elite professional baseball and basketball players use elite equipment.  For things like baseball gloves, cleats, bats, and basketball shoes, why not consult the professionals that use them every day at the highest level?  Consider this a great place to gear up for the season, knowing that you will see only the latest and best in each sport we cover.

Do you sell products?

Not yet.  For now, we are a reader-supported website and app.  When you purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.  For more info, see our affiliate compensation disclosure.

Do your affiliate relationships make you biased?

No.  We simply report what we see on the field (and court).  We do sometimes publish reviews, but they are always objective and our reviewers are never made aware of any business relationships.

Where should I look if I’m here for the first time?

Our gear database is one of the most fun pages to browse all the latest gear in a very shoppable grid.  The filter is pretty amazing to narrow down your choices.  Lockers are a great way to browse your favorite players only.

What if the product I want isn’t on your site?

E-Mail, DM or tweet at us to let us know what you’re looking for. We love gear, too, and may be able to help.

What if we find an error?

E-Mail, DM or tweet at us to let us know.



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