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Ronald Acuña Jr.

Ronald Acuña Jr. is one of the most electrifying players in recent memory. He has merely scratched the surface of his potential and that resulted in an NL Rookie of the Year Award and a Silver Slugger. All Star appearances seem like they will become common place for this beast of a ballplayer. It seems like Acuña will be in the MVP conversation for years to come. Acuña is a 5-tool guy. Having already joined the 30-30 club, Acuña’s undeniable pop, cannon arm, range for days, and killer speed make him one of the most lethal playmakers in the game today.

Ronald Acuña has eye-catching gear to pair with his flamboyant style of play. From the ground up, Acuña has some serious swag. He swipes bags in various New Balance spikes in some completely custom color combos. Moving up, Acuña rocks the increasingly popular Stance Diamond Pro socks. At the dish, Acuña swings a Louisville Slugger B415C maple bat with Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves. He pairs that with an Evoshield PRO-SRZ double strap elbow guard with an Evoshield leg guard. Ronald Acuña’s glove can sometimes be overlooked because of his bat but it is elite nonetheless. Acuña began with an SSK Ikigai H-web glove but a failed home run robbery prompted a switch to a Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO303.

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