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The Best Infield Gloves for Every Budget | Under $100, $200, $300, & “Money is No Object”

Different baseball players have different budgets for their gloves. Some will spend a ton of money on a new glove, and some rightfully don’t feel like dropping big bills on one.

This post will detail the best gloves for whatever budget you’re operating on. We guarantee that you can get a high quality glove regardless of how much you spend.

Quality Infield Gloves Under $100

Although the price of baseball gloves has ballooned in recent years, there are still some good options available under $100. I recommend the gloves shown here for younger players still mastering the fundamentals. Here are my top choices for infielders under $100:

Mizuno Franchise Series 11.5”

The Mizuno Franchise 11.5″ glove is by far the best $85 glove on the market. I’ve seen players use Franchise gloves for several years before they break down.

This particular model is 11.5” with an I-Web, which is perfect for shortstop, third base or second base. Whether you’re shopping for a youth player or even a high school player, this glove will get the job done under $100. Buy it at MizunoUSA.com for $85.

Marucci Oxbow 43A2 11.5”

A newcomer at this price point, the Oxbow is an intriguing model at just $100. While it doesn’t have the history of the Mizuno Franchise series, we expect this model to excel for its price.

This model is also 11.5” with an I-Web, and will satisfy your infield needs with a little swag to boot. You can get it at MarucciSports.com for $100. Academy Sports has a Modified Trap web with a little extra length (11.75″) that might be even better for pitchers and versatile infielders for $100.

Quality Infield Gloves Under $200

This mid-range glove budget is perfect anywhere from the early stages of a player’s career to midway through high school/travel ball. These gloves will be high quality, but may break down quicker at the higher levels of the game.

Here are my top choices for infield gloves under $200:

Wilson A1000 1786

The A1000 has undergone many changes in recent years, but this new $150 model offers a ton of value at the “under $200” price point. While its materials are better for younger players, it can hold up for a few seasons at the high school/travel level.

The 1786 pattern, at 11.5” with an I-web, is also the best middle infield pattern in the game. You can get this model at Dick’s for $150.

For smaller hands, confidently take the field with this DP15 (Pedroia model) at Baseball Express for $150.

Mizuno Prime Elite 11.5”

At $175, this is at the upper limit of the sub-$200 budget. Quality-wise, though, it is miles ahead of the A1000 for just $25 more. The leather, liner, and lacing will be much more durable than anything in this price range.

At 11.5”, this Mizuno Prime Elite model is the perfect glove for just about any infielder. You can shop this model at Dick’s for $175.

For a little extra length (at third base, maybe?), Al’s Sporting Goods offers a smooth-looking 11.75″ Mizuno Prime Elite I-Web for $175. Only three left as of this writing.

Quality Infield Gloves Under $300

I recommend this set of high-end gloves for players at the late high school stage of their careers and higher, as these gloves will be able to survive the wear-and-tear of the increasing velocity and demands at the upper amateur levels. Although these models are a bit pricey, they are worth the extra money for a serious infielder.

Wilson A2000 1786

The A2000 is the best glove in this price range, and the 1786 is the best middle infield model on the market. At 11.5” inches, with the highest quality materials within this budget, the 1786 is the top choice, especially for the middle infield.

Altuve’s game glove with Marwin Gonzalez’ name on it from 2019.

This is the same model Jose Altuve trusts at second base, albeit in a different colorway.

Baseball Express has a few colorways at $299.95, while Dick’s has a few more at $299.95. Just check each of their inventories for your favorite style.

The 1787 (in Walnut above) adds an extra quarter inch in case you’d prefer a bit more length for the same price at Dick’s.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-20CB

The Heart of the Hide is a bit behind the A2000, in my opinion. I feel that the leather is softer and flimsier compared to the A2000. With that said, this PRO200 is still a great option for Rawlings lifers. This model is 11.5” inches with a single post web, and the 200 pattern is the best Rawlings pattern for the middle infield.

Brandon Crawford has won multiple Gold Gloves with this same pattern, although he uses an H-web model.

Purchase it at Rawlings.com for $299.95. Many PRO200s are available at Rawlings.com in case these colors aren’t for you.

Top of the Line Infield Gloves ($300+)

This set of gloves is for players at the highest levels of the game, or those willing to spend more money to get a glove that will last them many seasons. These are the best infield glove models at any budget:

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS204-2C

The Pro Preferred is the best model at this price point, as the Kip Leather and soft liner are the best that the baseball glove market offers. The 11.5” 200 pattern is perfect for the middle infield as well.

At $379, you’ll need to have the deepest pockets to buy this glove at Rawlings.com.

For extra length, go with the Pro Preferred PROS206 12″ inch with hand-sewn welting (above), which might be the prettiest glove of the whole bunch. $360 at Rawlings.com.

Wilson A2K 1786SS

The A2K falls just short of the Pro Preferred in this category, although Wilson loyalists will love this 1786 model over the Rawlings models. It’s 11.5” with an I-web, and built with the 1786 pattern that we love. Superskin on the back of the glove reduces weight.

This model is at the high-end of the glove market at $400, and it will certainly hold up to the needs of higher-level baseball for years to come. Get it at Baseball Express for $399.95. Dick’s has other 1786 options (including one with “Spin Control”) at this link.

For third basemen in need of a bit more length, look to the A2K 1787 11.75″. The vintage tan is a great look for $399.95 at Baseball Express. Dick’s has a similar set of options.

Did we miss a great glove at a great price? Please comment and let us know where you see value in the glove market. We’d really appreciate your perspective.


  1. […] “This model is at the high-end of the glove market at $400, and it will certainly hold up to the needs of higher-level baseball for years to come,” writes What the Pros Wear.    […]

  2. […] “This model is at the high-end of the glove market at $400, and it will certainly hold up to the needs of higher-level baseball for years to come,” writes What the Pros Wear.    […]

  3. Great post! It’s interesting to see the different infield glove options available for various budgets and needs. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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