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Read about these throwbacks here.

Learn all about the history of Mimsbandz here.  Tulo is a student of the game and rocks them just like many legends before him. Tulo’s been rocking a Mimsband in black with his son’s name “TAZ” stitched on one side and Tulo’s portrait and “Play Hard” motto on the other.  These are unavailable. […]

McCutchen is on board the Mimsbandz-wagon, probably because he saw Josh Harrison out-workin’ him in the swag department, and that’s just not acceptable.  McCutchen’s Mimbandz are available at the link for real cheap. Thanks to Mimsbandz for the product shots.

Made famous by fellow former Pirate Barry Bonds, Josh Harrison wears a Mimsbandz wristband on his arm.  They’re no longer available for sale.  🙁

When we first wrote about these, they were a bit of an unknown. At this point, you’d have to be living under a rock (aka not visiting WPW enough) to not know about them. Frazier has worn several styles of Mimsbandz over the years, including the white ones for the […]

If you’ve never seen these before, read up here. Peak swag.  Mimsbandz are peak swag.  Brandon Crawford is peak swag. You can actually customize your own personal Mimsbandz at the link for $158.  A pretty cool opportunity, but don’t expect to look as cool as Craw.

For the 2017 All-Star Game, Robbie Cano took home MVP and Josh Harrison obviously won the MFP (Most Fresh Player), rocking this Miami-style Mimsband. Shop Mimbandz at the link.

Nolan Arenado caught on to these thanks to former teammate and swagger monster Troy Tulowitzki.  He’s got his own Mimsbandz now, with his face and the quote “Lets ggoo!!”  I think he could have done better with the quote, but they’re still fresh. Arenado also wore a special version with his […]

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