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Jalen Ramsey’s Vettex lip-guard mouthguard is key to his gameday look. He wears one every game but it never seems to be in his mouth because he’s usually talking trash to whoever is lined up across from him. Watch any Rams game and you’ll see Ramsey clamping the opposing teams’ […]

A white Vettex Lip-Guard Mouthguard has been swinging from Kyle Pitts’ helmet during training camp. I didn’t find a single photo of him actually wearing it properly but hopefully he’s popping it in before engaging in any contact. Vettex mouthguards have been popular for over a decade. They come in […]

Tyreek Hill wears the Vettex lip-guard mouthguard (sometimes). Throughout the season, Tyreek has played some games with the Vettex and some without a mouthguard at all. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your helmet setup for under $10, here’s your answer. You can get a Vettex lip-guard mouthguard […]

Davante Adams rocks the Vettex lip guard mouthguard. Vettex mouthguards have been popular for many years. It seems like nearly every skill player has worn a Vettex at some point in their career. They come in every single color and are inexpensive. You can get a Vettex lip-guard mouthguard on […]

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