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What’s Patrick Mahomes wearing in Training Camp?

Patrick Mahomes is heading into his 5th NFL season and has already solidified himself as one of the best Quarterbacks in football and maybe one of the most talented arms, ever. The Chiefs superstar has already won an MVP, a Super Bowl and a Super Bowl MVP – all before the age of 26. Mahomes also has one of the most impressive lists of brand deals in sports. He is the face of Adidas football, Oakley football and you’ve probably seen him on your TV in a State Farm commercial. Let’s take a look at what Pat is rocking in his 5th NFL Training Camp.

Vicis 01 Helmet

Patrick Mahomes began wearing the Vicis 01 shortly after it’s launch in 2018. During training camp, Mahomes did test out the new Vicis 02 but went back to the 01 after just one day. The Vicis 01 remains one of the safest helmets in the game and scores exceptionally well on the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating Scale. It works well for Mahomes and the “bobble-head” look is becoming an iconic look for him. The Vicis 01 is no longer for sale but you can get the Vicis 02 from Sports Unlimited for around $900.

Sportstar Victory T-Rex Hurricane Chinstrap

Since Mahomes switched into the Vicis 01, he’s paired it with a Sportstar Chinstrap. These chinstraps look great, are more comfortable and proven to absorb more impact. You can get the same chinstrap from Sportstar for $35.

Douglas QBK Shoulder Pads

Mahomes is still wearing his Douglas QBK Shoulder Pads. These pads allow him to be fully protected and still able to throw lasers all over the field. Range of motion is key for a quarterback and these allow him to make every throw, including this behind the back dime (below). Mahomes is clearly having too much fun in training camp but you can get the same shoulder pads as Mahomes at Douglaspads.com for $500.

Adidas Freak Ultra 21 Cleats

Mahomes debuted the Adidas Freak Ultra 21 cleats last season. He was the first player to wear these cleats in the NFL and wore them in several cool color ways. Since Mahomes is the face of Adidas, these cleats are basically built for him. They are built with Adidas’ primeknit so they are lightweight but supportive. The brand new “Freak” traction plate has sharp triangle studs and a wide base, perfect for QBs who need to move around in the pocket. Lastly, they have full length Adidas Boost so they’re really comfortable. You can grab a pair from Dicks or Eastbay for about $200.

So there you have it, that’s what Patrick Mahomes is wearing during training camp. We can’t wait to see what he brings out for the regular season and we’ll keep you updated on his locker here.

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