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The Swiss Army Knife of the Big Leagues, Josh Harrison might not get the counting stats to be a serious threat in the Most Valuable Player voting, but he is the unanimous winner of the Most Versatile Player award. And in this post-steroid/amphetamine era, the hard hat & lunch pail can-do athletes like Harrison are arguably the most valuable of all. To be able to plug an ALL STAR in where others might be tired, injured or just bad, no matter the position, is a luxury that Clint Hurdle could not have lived without in 2014. Harrison did whatever his manager asked him to, and he excelled at it. Hurdle had an interesting thing to say about just how valuable Harrison is, even with a reigning MVP (Cutch) already in the lineup:

“The guys in this clubhouse are of the opinion that he’s our MVP,” manager Clint Hurdle said. “McCutchen, who’s won one of them, thinks Josh should at least be considered for the league MVP.” -TribLive.com

It is a testament to Harrison’s colossal impact on the Pirates that McCutchen came in 3rd in the 2014 NL MVP vote, yet many of Harrison’s teammates think he was the Pirates’ most valuable player.

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