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Ja’Marr Chase is still wearing Douglas Shoulder Pads, just like he did in college. Douglas shoulder pads have been some of the most popular pads in the game for over a decade and offer top of the line protection, sleek design and plenty of range of motion. Being a WR, […]

Baker Mayfield wears Douglas Shoulder Pads. Douglas shoulder pads are very popular among QB’s because they allow a wide range of motion. Of course, QB’s need this range of motion to make all sorts of  throws from different angles. They’re also lightweight which allows Baker to move around the pocket […]

Joe Burrow is still wearing his Douglas shoulder pads from his college days at LSU.  Douglas shoulder pads are an excellent option for QBs. They are very protective, lightweight and allow you have plenty of range of motion. You can get the same shoulder pads as Joe Burrow for $560 […]

Aaron Rodgers’ is still wearing his trusty Douglas shoulder pads. Douglas and the Green Bay Packers have worked together for a long time, and most Packers are in Douglas shoulder pads. Rodgers wears a pair of custom SP QBK which provide him with enough range of motion to launch the […]

Lamar Jackson wears the Douglas Rib Protector, a very common protective item among QB’s as their ribs are often exposed post-throw and defenders show no mercy (ask Drew Brees). Lamar needs that extra protection to avoid injuries. Rib protectors connect to the bottom of your shoulder pads and wrap around […]

Lamar Jackson wears Douglas Shoulder pads, specifically the 24SW model. They feature a “cut-away” shell design that gives players more mobility. They’re ultra lightweight and streamlined which gives Lamar more acceleration to run by defenders. These are great shoulder pads for any skill position (QB/RB/WR/DB) players. You can get the […]

Russell Wilson wears Douglas Shoulder Pads, very popular among skill players because of their lightweight and streamlined design. Russ is often referred to as the “Best Deep Ball Thrower” and these shoulder pads allow him to have the range of motion to let it fly and run circles around the […]

Tom Brady has been wearing the exact same pair of Douglas shoulder pads since his days at Michigan (1995!). It’s crazy to think he’s worn the exact same pads for over 25 years but if you have 6 Superbowl championships, you get whatever shoulder pads you want. Here is a […]

Douglas has been one of the most popular shoulder pad brands in football for decades. Worn by Patrick Mahomes, they are a lightweight shoulder pad and offer incredible flexibility, a necessity for quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes has been wearing Douglas QBK shoulder pads since college, so there’s clearly a comfort level […]

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