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Jaylen Waddle has been wearing some TreDCAL custom thigh pads. On one pad he has the Dolphins logo and on the other, he has his #17. An awesome touch that flows with his uniform seamlessly. TreDCALs are the newest trend in the NFL. These totally functional pads allow players to […]

Deforest Buckner has been wearing TreDCAL thigh pads with crosses on them. Simple, but extremely clean. TreDCALs are the latest trend in the NFL. They are simply thigh pads with 3D designs on them that show through the pants. They’re a really cool, but subtle way to express yourself on […]

New for this season, Von Miller has been wearing custom TreDCAL Thigh Pads. These pads feature his son’s name “Valor” and his #58. Super simple and cool way to pay tribute to his family. These custom thigh pads allow you to make a 3-D logo, number or words and have […]

Kyler Murray has been wearing these insanely cool “Bruce Lee” custom thigh pads from TreDCALs. The left pad has Bruce Lee on it and the right one features K1’s logo. Kyler Murray is a huge Bruce Lee fan. After winning rookie of the year in 2019, K1 treated himself to […]

Jalen Ramsey has worn several different pairs of TreDCAL custom thigh pads. Most recently he wore some with his brand new “#5” and the word “Cinco”. He’s also worn some with a cross on them and his “JR” logo. TreDCAL thigh pads are custom pads that allow players to express […]

Saquon Barkley has been wearing a pair of TreDCAL custom thigh pads. The left thigh pad has his #26 and the right one has his personal logo. These custom pads are trending in the NFL and Saquon is the latest to hop on board. These custom thigh pads allow you […]

Davante Adams wears custom TreDCAL thigh pads with his “DA” logo. TreDCAL custom pads are trending in the NFL. These custom thigh pads allow you to make a 3-D logo, number or words and have it show through your game pants. The swag is evident, but they are also completely […]

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