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(This is a sponsored post written and paid for by Varo Baseball.) Last year, Varo Baseball took over MLB on-deck circles with their revolutionary bat weight, the Varo ARC. The ARC became a staple in the World Series (you won’t see the Royals or Giants without Varo). Now, Varo has just […]

Pelican Bat Wax, an all natural baseball accessory company based out of San Francisco, CA, has a line of grip enhancers that we are going to introduce you to today with photos and tips on how to apply the product effectively. Each item has it’s own “tack level” identified by a number. […]

There’s hardly been advancement in bat weights – until Varo Baseball came along. Varo made an appearance in the All Star Game and since then has been popping up in on-deck circles throughout the MLB. Why are Big Leaguers picking up Varo?  Our advanced weight distribution technology creates game-like swings that improves a […]

There’s hardly been advancement in bat weights – until Varo Baseball came along. Varo is taking baseball by storm, used by your favorite MLB players down to Little League future sluggers. Varo is a true revolution in on-deck swings and off-field training. So, what’s so special about the VARO WEIGHT? First, Varo’s […]

There have been a ton of advancements with batting and the hitter’s grip. Pine tar substitutes have been developed as well as a variety of bat tapes, but not much has been done for the pitcher and his grip. That all boils down to one reason… adding any foreign substance to […]

Editor’s Note: Give Pelican Bat Wax a look.  I am using it myself this season, it’s as good as any grip product I’ve used (I would have turned them away if it wasn’t), and they’re pouring their heart and soul into every bar. From Pelican: Pelican Bat Wax was founded […]

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