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Nearly every game, Jalen Ramsey is wearing an Adidas Core Arm Sleeve. He wears them in white, black, blue, and yellow. Sometimes he only wears one, some days he wears two. Arm Sleeves have become part of Jalen Ramsey’s look but he switches things up all the time. The Adidas […]

Ezekiel Elliott occasionally wears this super sleek, Nike Hyperstrong arm sleeve on his left arm. This sleeve helps Zeke prevent bumps, bruises and turf burn on his non-dominant arm. Zeke keeps his right arm completely bare (or sometimes some turf tape) because he almost always, carries the ball with that […]

Xander Bogaerts wears a sick custom numbered arm sleeve with the number two embroidered on the wrist.  We think this is an adidas perk, but while adidas doesn’t offer it to the public, CustomNumbered.com offers custom embroidery on a high quality cotton arm sleeve for only $30!  Its the most […]

Francisco Lindor is wearing an unbranded McDavid Hex Shooter arm sleeve with padding on the elbow.  Its not a common choice in MLB, but Lindor is anything but common.  It might prevent the nightly “raspberry” that a player gets when he slides head-first. Get the same color McDavid Hex Shooter […]

The compression sleeve is a swag prerequisite and these are the ones to have.  Via player feedback, CustomNumbered.com is now offering two types of sleeve for baseball, softball, and football players and both are available for personalization for $30 shipped. The original compression sleeve is now offered as the Cool […]

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