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It’s that time again to take a look back at some of our favorite gloves from 2022. As always, these lists are damn near impossible to narrow down. While I am sure we missed a couple, these were the 8 finalists that stood out to us as some of the […]

Since 2017, we’ve tracked the cleats worn by MLB starters, and the 2022 numbers are in. This Rawlings and Dick’s Sporting Goods sponsored report (like our glove report) focuses on starting position players. These players are noted on Baseball-Reference.com’s 2022 team pages, along with a few select players. Focusing on […]

Mizuno is synonymous with extreme levels of craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to performance. The Mizuno A51 is the result of one of the most iconic names in baseball gloves working with probably the most recognizable Japanese-born player of all time, Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro was very particular with the gloves […]

If you’re like me, you never really thought twice about your belt. It was more of “Oh sh*t, did I remember to put it in my bag?” and not a piece of individualized gear. Like so many other gear items in the WPW age, things could not be more different […]

Quickly alerting you to some new REV1X gloves available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. They’re $399 and guaranteed for Christmas today only — and the quantities are extremely low (like between one and five gloves for most of them). This outfielder (left and right throw) with gold trim is the standout […]

After you’re done breaking-in your new glove, now the job is to take care of it. This not only helps your glove last a few more seasons, but it will also keep the shape of the mitt that you invested so much time and energy meticulously forming. In this post, […]

Every year, back to 2013, we track the top glove brands worn by MLB starters. As far as starting MLB players are concerned (excluding pitchers), Rawlings continues to rule the roost among glove brands, and you can find the oval “R” on 55% of starting Major Leaguers. Meanwhile, the other […]

For the baseball player, its going to be hard to beat these gifts this holiday season. Under Armour Men’s Harper 7 USA Turf Baseball Shoes One of the first turfs in a while that you could wear anywhere, even off-field, and still have the nicest shoes there. Nike Men’s Force […]

The tail-end of 2022 is already here and the holiday season is in full swing. As a massive football fan who researches different products everyday, there’s a lot of swag that has caught my eye throughout the year. We’ve decided to compile this list of only the best of the […]

Victus, Old Hickory, Marucci, Chandler, Louisville Slugger feature in our 2022 World Series between the Phillies and the Astros. Two absolutely devastating offensive teams with a hefty portion of the best postseason hitters in our lifetime. Enjoy the show, and here are the bats to keep an eye out for. […]

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