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WPW Discord (24 hour link to join) has been going off lately. Lots of big names showing up to camp with different brands on. Here’s what’s been rolling down the feed so far (not an “official announcement” unless otherwise stated, just observations): Willson Contreras famously wore a Wilson glove that […]

The most hyped player in the draft finally has a sneaker deal, with James Wiseman inking a deal with Chinese Brand ANTA. The 2020 NBA Draft was a strange one for sponsorships, as many top picks didn’t go into the biggest night of their life with a shoe deal. Wiseman […]

The Miami Heat All-Star retires his Nike Kobe sneakers after switching over to the Jordan Brand. The 23-year old Adebayo adds back a Jordan endorser to the Heat roster after teammate Jimmy Butler decided not to re-up on a contract, eventually signing with Li-Ning. Adebayo often rocked J’s prior to […]

On Monday, February 22, New Balance officially unveiled New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor’s first signature shoe, the Lindor 1. In addition to the cleat and trainer, the collection also includes apparel and a headband. The Lindor 1 features a floral pattern inspired by the Flor de Maga, the national […]

Spring Training is officially upon us, and while there have already been some noteworthy updates, now’s the time to speculate on what gear we may see this season. Here are some things we are most excited to see. A Full Season Yeah, well. Enough said. Nolan Arenado’s New Nike PEs […]

Along with Jacob DeGrom and Pete Alonso, Bo Bichette headlines the new members of #TeamRawlings in 2021. While DeGrom and Alonso are more accomplished MLB players (as of now), the Bo signing got me the most hyped. Bo’s Rawlings glove is guaranteed to be swagged out, and those Blue Jay […]

When you hear the name Force3, you think of catchers. They have revolutionized the catcher’s mask with their patented Shock Suspension System to cut down on head injuries for the guys behind the plate. While this is where the company began, they are growing and evolving and, with that, we […]

In the first edition of eBay Snipes, we wanted to feature items at different price points to show buying player exclusive items can still be affordable. This time around were not pulling any punches. These PE snags are heavy hitters, just like the players who used them. Mizuno Pro Fernando […]

While having a glove for every position is a dream (and we’ve got posts featuring the best gloves for each position – scroll to bottom of this post), that kind of specialization is unlikely and unnecessary for a lot of ballplayers. In this post, we’ll take a look at a […]

Continued from Part 1… As soon as the national anthem is done playing, there is a switch that goes off and electrifies your whole body. It’s a mix of emotions that all mean one thing: “Its ‘GO’ time”. Thats when your mind is cleared of anything other than the game […]

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