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There are a bunch of league-wide commemorative days throughout every regular season and Jackie Robinson Day truly is a special one. Nike Diamond sent their athletes pairs of the Nike Air Max ’86 and the Alpha Huarache Elite 4 cleats, plus matching accessories, as shown here by Druw Jones in […]

Francisco Lindor’s current generational run of Rawlings REV1Xs is one that needs to be studied – and that’s what we’re here to do. Bringing you the first five gloves that the platinum defender has broken out just a few games into the season: The yellow sunflower glove got the nod […]

At first glance, Mets’ left-handed pitcher Sean Manaea’s glove is a simple one – a basket web in his team colors of blue and orange. It isn’t something that necessarily has dozens of outlets on social media buzzing. But, if you’re reading this, you aren’t one that just settles for […]

So here’s the story.  We found this photo a few weeks ago thanks to Red Sox photography intern Michael Cummo.  We posted it on Instagram asking what brand it was.  After a lot of wrong guesses we got a response from @masekim who identified it as a “Hon” (meaning “Spirit”) […]

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