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Francisco Lindor’s current generational run of Rawlings REV1Xs is one that needs to be studied – and that’s what we’re here to do. Bringing you the first five gloves that the platinum defender has broken out just a few games into the season: The yellow sunflower glove got the nod […]

For our original post in this series, please check out The GIF History of Wilson’s Glove of the Month: #1-#19. Here’s the info that we shared in the original post.  Feel free to skip over if you read the original post! In June 2013, Wilson launched a simple concept that […]

In June 2013, Wilson launched a simple concept that would ultimately create some of the most collectible baseball gloves ever.   It’s the “Glove of the Month,” a limited edition A2000 or A2K model each month.  Since then, these gloves have become some of the most coveted by glove collectors.  Wilson […]

Josh Donaldson, a long-time Rawlings guy, was photographed by WPW wearing a Mizuno Pro Limited glove today.  As we understand it, Donaldson has left Rawlings for good, and though we can’t yet confirm he’s going to be rocking a Mizuno glove in 2018 game action, it appears Mizuno is at […]

I was just having a nice little Thursday, getting some keys copied at the hardware store, and then I look down at my phone… I nearly spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any.  Bryce Harper was dropping his new Rawlings gloves for 2018. Harper teased us: Then he pleased […]

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