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By Ben Masi The season is fast approaching. With that, players are starting to think about gear. At WPW, we want to give some insight into some of our favorites and some of the gear most popular with the pros we cover. When looking at gloves, there are four major […]

For our original post in this series, please check out The GIF History of Wilson’s Glove of the Month: #1-#19. Here’s the info that we shared in the original post.  Feel free to skip over if you read the original post! In June 2013, Wilson launched a simple concept that […]

In June 2013, Wilson launched a simple concept that would ultimately create some of the most collectible baseball gloves ever.   It’s the “Glove of the Month,” a limited edition A2000 or A2K model each month.  Since then, these gloves have become some of the most coveted by glove collectors.  Wilson […]

I get a Christmas-ey feeling the night before I visit the Astros clubhouse. I just know I’m going to see something sick. If its not Correa’s new adidas PEs (not in yet), then maybe it’ll be a new Easton custom for Alex Bregman (still waiting), or George Springer’s latest Nike […]

Following our 2018 cleat and bat/batting glove reports, here we’ll break down the gloves used in the MLB in 2018.  We’ve tracked gloves since 2013, and the top two brands, Rawlings and Wilson, have not wavered. In 2018, Rawlings reached their highest total market share since we’ve been keeping track, […]

If you’re shopping for a style-minded baseball player, you’re in good hands.  Since 2012, we’ve been the Baseball Swag Bible.  Eastbay & MLB asked me, the ballplayer behind WPW, to take a look at their gift guide and come up with my own Christmas Wish List.  DON’T MIND IF I […]

The holidays are a time when any God-loving ballplayer dreams of a new glove.  Wilson.com has delivered a few options in case Santa Claus doesn’t have enough gingerbread for a $350 custom.  At $90 less than a custom with great colorways, here’s Wilson’s holiday drops: Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3 Wilson […]

By Kyle O’Connor It’s the beginning of August and we’re all dreading the end of Summer. But here’s a reason, other than Big Al, to be happy… The all-new 2019 line drops tomorrow. Are you ready? #TeamWilson A post shared by Wilson Baseball / Softball (@wilsonballglove) on Aug 5, 2018 […]

One of our favorite guys to catch up with, Tony Kemp, current firestarter for the defending champion Houston Astros, takes us through his new Wilson gloves and adidas footwear. Follow @tonykemp6 on IG. Thanks to Easton for sponsoring this video. Visit http://www.easton.com / http://www.eastonsmallbatch.com and #lightuptheshow.

There’s a little tournament going on this time of year called the College World Series. Its kind of a big deal.  Wilson brands know this, and if you’re a WPW-type in Omaha, the Wilson Baseball Experience is the right place to spend your down-time. Located at the Bullpen at the […]

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