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Your Guide to the Wilson 2019 A2K Glove Line

By Kyle O’Connor

It’s the beginning of August and we’re all dreading the end of Summer. But here’s a reason, other than Big Al, to be happy…

The all-new 2019 line drops tomorrow. Are you ready? #TeamWilson

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The reason: the release of Wilson’s 2019 glove line.  Wilson drops their new line every August.  With new colorways, new patterns, and new pro insights built in to each release, Wilson seems to improve on the product each year.  Of course, the look is subject to opinion, but this year’s models feature a copper and black colorway (with one custom model and two blonde mitts), and we like the look.  Before we get to the new releases, lets review what Wilson’s A2K badge means…

What is the A2K?

Put simply, the A2K series is the top glove series Wilson offers. It has their best leather, best lacing, best lining material, and their best construction. It’s also their most expensive glove at $359.95.

I’ve personally gamed an A2K for the past year, and it’s easily the best glove I’ve used. Not only does the leather hold up really well (even through heavy use), it’s also extremely comfortable, well built, and the accompanying materials are top-notch.  While $360 is a lot of dough to drop on a glove, the extra investment gets you one of the best gloves on the market.

A2K 1786

At 11.5″, the 2019 Wilson A2K 1786 is Wilson’s flagship middle infield model. The 1786 model is a highly recommended glove for any middle infielder, as the pattern and construction are absolutely perfect for shortstop and second base.  This is one of the most popular models in baseball every year.

Shop the Wilson A2K 1786

A2K 1787

The 1787 is an 11.75″ glove, a bit longer than the 1787, making it a great glove for the left side of the infield, and can even get ‘er done at second base if you’re a utility infielder.  Dansby Swanson, Miguel Andujar, and Carlos Correa all wear the 1787.

Shop the Wilson A2K 1787

A2K MB50

The MB50 is back for the third straight year.  Its the game glove of one of the best outfielders in baseball, Mookie Betts.

With a 12.75″ length and a deep pocket, this glove is great for an outfielder with some swag (like Mookie Betts).

Shop the Wilson A2K MB50

Note: If $360 is out of your price range, you can get last year’s A2K MB50 for $300 (a 17% discount).

A2K 1799

Wilson’s top outfield model glove has a unique look to it with gray superskin, copper leather, and white welting.  Not sure how we feel about it.  What’s your opinion?

Shop the A2K 1799


The 2019 A2K B212 is dark and mysterious and the optimal length (12″) for pitchers.  The Superskin back gives you weight savings that could legitimately be the difference between a comebacker hitting you, or at least getting the glove up to deflect the ball.  For pitchers, Superskin seems like a great investment.  The B212 is worn by Daniel Norris, among other pros.

Shop A2K B212


The D33 is another pitcher’s glove, but a bit smaller than the B212 at 11.75″. In addition to the shorter length, the D33 has a completely different feel from the B212.  It has a more rounded form but still offers Superskin.

Shop A2K D33

A2K 1617

The only A2K first base mitt measures 12.5″ inches with a Double Horizontal Bar Web.  Previously worn by Hanley Ramirez, the 1617 will pick it.  The 1617 includes a black Superskin back, making it an even more controllable option at first base.

Shop A2K 1617


The M2 is one of the dirtiest-looking gloves on the market. Period. Not only does it have one of the best patterns for behind the dish (33.5″), it also comes with a built-in thumb guard. That will save you from having to spend the money on a separate thumb guard.

Shop A2K M2


While it doesn’t offer the built-in thumb guard, the M1 might be the right glove for you behind the dish.  Its got a handsome look, and at 33.5″, it offers a length that competitor Rawlings does not.

Shop A2K M1

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