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WPW at Astros Camp | Bregman’s Easton Glove, Springer’s Cleats, Evoshield Prototypes

We caught up with the Astros in West Palm Beach as they begin their defense of the AL West crown. We saw new leather from their star-studded infield, some pretty footwear (including PEs from George Springer), and a behind the scenes look at an Evoshield fitting, as well.

First up is Alex Bregman, who is sticking with Easton leather after finishing as a Gold Glove finalist in 2018. The Easton we saw in camp is the same D32AB glove pattern that Bregman rocked last year, but with slight color changes (most noticeably the orange laces).

The Baseball Express website still has Bregman’s gamer from last year as the Alex Bregman Game Spec, but we’ll look for that to update moving forward.

Best comment on IG for this one was: “When you get the ‘We need to talk’ text.”  Gets me every time.

Altuve’s Super Snakeskin glove was featured in a recent post.  More details on this one there.

Same with Correa’s new 1785.  Check it out here.

Altuve’s and Correa’s Wilson gloves got their own post, in case you didn’t read the last two captions.

We also spied Ronnie Dawson’s Wilson A2000 1785 stunner that might have the most relatable engraving in MLB history. “#MYBAD” … We’ve all been there after making an error.  Dawson’s 1785 cannot be recreated on the Wilson custom builder, but you can customize your own 1785 (Correa’s model) at this link.

Roberto Osuna’s mysterious piece of leather caught our eye (how could it not?), and it took some digging but we figured it out.

After some searching, we figured out that it was from Ci5, a Mexican company that has partnered with Roberto Osuna to create this all-pink trapeze web, which Osuna plans to wear this year to honor his mother and grandmother. Ci5 doesn’t seem to have a website right now, but we did find their Facebook page that has most of their info, en Español.

In terms of footwear, the Astros are an Adidas-lover’s dream. These Boost Icon 4 cleats (player unknown) are from the Splash Pack that we featured during the 2018 postseason, and are still available.

Carlos Correa’s white and silver Alphabounce Beyond trainers are available online.

The gold-accented Afterburner V cleats belong to Alex Bregman, and these beauties are also available. Ya gotta love Adidas for making the fresh looks that the pros wear available to the public.  With that said, on the way out of the Astros facility that day, we saw a giant box from adidas headed to Bregman’s locker.  Stay tuned to Bregman’s YouTube for whatever heat was lurking in there.

George Springer let the sun shine on his Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly 2 player exclusive cleats, but he never put them on.

These have been compared, even by George, to soccer cleats for their low profile and lightness.  Shop the Ultrafly 2 on Eastbay.

Springer also rocked the Nike Hyperforce sunglasses and that Vapor 360 glove that he’s been wearing since 2013.  Hunt that thing down on eBay.

We saw Carlos Correa’s Adizero 4.0 batting gloves and his Tucci C1 Maple 33.5/31.5 bat.

We’ll get back to you on specs for this bat.  We also noticed the new Tucci logo, which we didn’t have a strong opinion on, but leave it to Instagram to roast anything new.

Altuve mostly stayed true to his standard items, though he’s wearing a different Franklin batting glove model, the Pro Classic.

Here we’ve got Jose Altuve’s Franklin Pro Classics, Victus JA27 Maple 33/31 bat, and C-Flap helmet.  You can get a similar pair to Altuve’s clean Pro Classics (though you won’t get Altuve’s exact style) at this link.  You can get the closest alternative to Altuve’s Victus bat, the JC24, at Baseball Express.  As for the C-Flap helmet, Rawlings offers full helmets or just the extension piece itself at this link.

Catcher and WPW follower Max Stassi is swinging the B45 Birch RK23, which is available at B45Baseball.com as the TJ19 (Tommy Joseph) model.  According to B45, the TJ19 “combines the B13c barrel with a thick handle to create a balanced feel, with a large barrel. The TJ19 Premium is meant for massive hitting surface and maximum control of the barrel.”

Gerrit Cole may have had the cleanest trainers, the Nike Pegasus 35, which is available in something like 40(!) colorways, including Cole’s on Eastbay.  Super duper clean.  So clean I’d be afraid to wear ’em.

Evoshield Fitting BTS

The Astros, like the rest of the MLB, protect their many assets with Evoshield, and WPW was there to see a pro fitting from Evoshield. Here, Robinson Chirinos gets fitted for an elbow guard and a shinguard.

The Astros also got a shipment of Recovery DNA Compression sleeves and PRO-SRZ wrist guards (coming later this spring).

We got an up-close look at some new gel inserts that provide added protection for a catcher’s knee.  We’re told that these are prototypes, not yet ready for retail.

The personalized straps are a nice flex that we’ve seen throughout the league in the past season or so, for Evoshield’s top performers.

It was impressive to see all the innovative products that Evoshield will be testing this year.  Chirinos was testing another prototype, a sleeve with a thumb loop that aims to protect the wrist, especially for batters when they recoil on a high-and-tight pitch, which can result in a broken wrist.

Yet another prototype for Chirinos, these leg fittings will go underneath a catcher’s shin guards and prevent the guards from sliding when catchers are moving around.  Evoshield’s reps told us that day that Chirinos was literally the first catcher to put these things on, so there’s no word on a release for these.  Catchers, do you want these?

The two-strap elbow guard, on the other hand, is not a prototype… in fact, it’ll release when the PRO SRZ products launch (date TBD).  Its been MLB only to this point, worn by guys like Dee Gordon and Marwin Gonzalez, however, you can expect to see these for sale on Evoshield.com soon.  We’ll update when we have more details.

Keep an eye out for more WPW Spring Training content (and locker tours)–we’ve got some great stuff coming your way.

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