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A few days ago we brought you our cleat report, which was highlighted by a significant shake-up at the top.  In MLB cleats, Adidas blew past Under Armour and New Balance to take the second most market share among MLB starters behind Nike.  In the 2018 MLB bat report that […]

If you’re shopping for a style-minded baseball player, you’re in good hands.  Since 2012, we’ve been the Baseball Swag Bible.  Eastbay & MLB asked me, the ballplayer behind WPW, to take a look at their gift guide and come up with my own Christmas Wish List.  DON’T MIND IF I […]

We’ve begged and pleaded for years to get the Franklin Powerstrap batting gloves, which have been so popular in the MLB, up on Franklin’s custom builder.  Our prayers have been answered.  You can now customize the Franklin Powerstrap, or get them just like Xander Bogaerts’ red/navy/chrome style on FranklinSports.com. Bogaerts […]

The headline wrote itself when Franklin put their limited edition Father’s Day batting gloves on a grill. The irony here is that these are legitimately hot as hell and you have every right to impulsively buy them even though your team colors are red and black.  Probably should just join […]

You know the drill. Reds @ Rox through the eyes of WPW… This photo hit me for two reasons.  One, Mark Reynolds is bending the bat.  He’s bending Maple hardwood.  The second thing to notice is his facial expression.  He’s like, “Yeah I’m bending Maple lol.” Scooter Gennett finally squeezed […]

It’s that time of year again!  Franklin released their 2017 All-Star Game Edition batting glove, and it’s dope. You can cop yours HERE.  They also sent over some exclusive shots of what their All-Star ambassadors will wear tonight.  So let’s dive in. Avisail Garcia – CFX Pro Daniel Murphy – […]

Hope ya like pink because every park in the MLB is about to get lathered in it for Mother’s Day.  Franklin Sports leads us off with a couple of very pink pairs of BGs.  If you play for the Flamingos you’re in luck, they can be had at this link. […]

Quick post to let the faithful know that Gary Sanchez’ Franklin “Chrome Dip” batting gloves are now available (probably for a limited time) through Dick’s Sporting Goods. Get them at this link. They’re available in Sanchez’ Yankee navy, a beautiful solid look that I’m a huge fan of, as well […]

There’s putting the team on your back, and then there’s putting 108 years of losing, billy goats, black cats, Harry Caray, Steve Bartman, Bill Murray, and more than a century’s worth of championship-starved Chicagoans on your back… That’s what Ben Zobrist did last night with that oppo piece that slid […]

I’m not sure we’ve ever had a “highly-anticipated” batting glove release before, but if there was one, these Franklin Powerstrap batting gloves would be it. We’ve been seeing these all over the Big Leagues since last year and they’re one of the best looking gloves in baseball, but they were […]

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