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A few days ago we brought you our cleat report, which was highlighted by a significant shake-up at the top.  In MLB cleats, Adidas blew past Under Armour and New Balance to take the second most market share among MLB starters behind Nike.  In the 2018 MLB bat report that […]

The headline wrote itself when Franklin put their limited edition Father’s Day batting gloves on a grill. The irony here is that these are legitimately hot as hell and you have every right to impulsively buy them even though your team colors are red and black.  Probably should just join […]

Alex Bregman, budding superstar and World Champ in only his second full season, has made a big move this year, leaving his Marucci glove behind in favor of a slew of “small batch” Easton gloves that, according to Bregman (video below), are more than up to the task.  Bregman’s game […]

If you hadn’t already heard or seen it on our IG, WPW is doing a 2017 “Best of” playoff style countdown, celebrating a great year for baseball swag. These are the best products in 4 categories: gloves, cleats, bats, accessories.  Your vote will determine the winner of each matchup over […]

Quick post to let the faithful know that Gary Sanchez’ Franklin “Chrome Dip” batting gloves are now available (probably for a limited time) through Dick’s Sporting Goods. Get them at this link. They’re available in Sanchez’ Yankee navy, a beautiful solid look that I’m a huge fan of, as well […]

View image | gettyimages.com A few weeks back, I was watching an Angels game.  David Freese stepped up to the plate, fully healthy, strong, and ready to help his team contend in a tight division race.  Mike Pelfrey let a hard two-seamer get away from him.  Ninety-five miles per hour […]

BY DANIEL KLEIN   The theories on hitting are endless, but one thing remains the same, the bat is always in the hitters hands. If the hands aren’t feeling great, it’s going to be a struggle at the dish. Batting gloves are an extension of the hands and must provide […]

We try to follow as many sports photographers, brands and athletes as we can to stay on top of the daily happenings in the world of What Pros Wear, but I’m realizing there’s so much great stuff flying around the internet with Spring Training in full swing that we need […]

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