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A few days ago we brought you our cleat report, which was highlighted by a significant shake-up at the top.  In MLB cleats, Adidas blew past Under Armour and New Balance to take the second most market share among MLB starters behind Nike.  In the 2018 MLB bat report that […]

  Don’t want to spend $190 every time you get busted inside?  Neither do I.  To get MLB quality wood bats, you unfortunately almost always have to pay a premium.  Most of us can’t drop that kind of money, but we still want hard wood.  So how can you get […]

Your browser does not support iframes. Trey Mancini, rookie outfielder for the Orioles, hit his 7th homer in his first 12 games to tie the MLB record for home runs to start a career.  Its been done only three times; once in 1949 by Dino Restelli, in 2016 by Trevor […]

Not all wood is created equally.  As we meet more and more of the key players in the wood bat industry, we’ve learned the nuances of finding the best wood.  Not only does wood type have a significant effect on performance, but even the climate in which the tree grows can […]

BY CHRISTIAN DUNBAR 2017 is coming in hot and its time to start thinking about what bat you’ll be swinging this year.  In this article we break it down to hitting type for you, so that you can see what the most popular turning models are with respect to hitting […]

Today we present to you the findings of our 5th season tracking bat usage in the MLB All Star Game.  Since 2012 when WPW was founded, we’ve tracked the game’s bat usage as an unofficial barometer of the pro wood bat industry.  Correction: For the first time ever, Victus cracks the top […]

The following list is a breakdown of the most popular bat models found in Major and Minor League Baseball.  If you’re wondering what wood bat you should buy/swing, this post is where you should start.  There are thousands of turns, but this list of the most popular bat models in […]

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