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2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR $499.95 The 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime is a completely new release, meaning that this is the first ever version of it. It is a multi-piece composite that is simply one of the highest performing BBCOR bats on the market. Priced at $499.95, it […]

Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 Review BBCOR: $200 Louisville Slugger’s Omaha 519 is a balanced one-piece that outperformed its price point. This year’s model returns with a new anti-vibration system called VIBEX. The Look The Slugger lineup has a clean look to it this year, and the Omaha is no exception. […]

CAT 8 BBCOR: $299.99 | -5: $229.99 | -8: $229.99 | -10: $229.99 | Junior Big Barrel: $179.99 Marucci’s CAT 8 returns this year looking to build off of the widespread success of the previous CAT models. It is structurally identical to the CAT 7 but is made of Marucci’s new […]

BBCOR: Stock $300, Full Custom $430 The Voodoo Insane is an endloaded two-piece hybrid. It was revamped last year with a much larger barrel and stiffer handle. These changes instantly made it one of the most intriguing end-loaded bats available on the market. The 2019 model returns as a very […]

BBCOR: Stock $300, Full Custom $430 The 2019 Voodoo Balanced is a two-piece hybrid with an alloy barrel and composite handle. The Voodoo has always been an immensely popular BBCOR bat, and this year’s model returns to action with a new Paraflex+ composite handle. The Look The majority of the […]

BBCOR: Stock $450, Full Custom $580 The 2019 CF Zen is DeMarini’s flagship composite bat. It’s an ultra-balanced two-piece composite with a monster barrel. This year’s bat is constructed of DeMarini’s new Paraflex+ composite. The Look For the past couple years, the CF series has been white. DeMarini decided to […]

BBCOR: $450 USA: $350 Louisville Slugger’s Prime 919 looks to continue the recent success of the Prime bat line. It is a balanced multi-piece composite that features a large barrel with minimal vibration on mishits. It is the most expensive bat in Slugger’s lineup so far. The Look The base […]

Louisville Slugger Select 719 Bat Review BBCOR: $350 The Louisville Slugger Select 719 is a two-piece hybrid bat with a slight endload. The Select series was reintroduced last year with the 718 and was very successful in both the high school and college ranks. The Look The Select 719 continues […]

Louisville Slugger Solo 619 Bat Review BBCOR: $300 USA: $180 The Louisville Slugger Solo 619 returns as one of the lightest swinging one-piece bats on the market. This year’s model includes a vibration dampening handle that aims to minimize the damage done to your hands on mishits. The Look This […]

Louisville Slugger just dropped three of their top-selling bats into, the Prime 919, Select 719, and Solo 619, available now (2019 stock models will drop Monday, August 6). The Prime 919, Select 719, and Solo 619 are some beautiful bats that are looking to improve on the success of […]