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2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Bat Review

BBCOR: Stock $300, Full Custom $430

The 2019 Voodoo Balanced is a two-piece hybrid with an alloy barrel and composite handle. The Voodoo has always been an immensely popular BBCOR bat, and this year’s model returns to action with a new Paraflex+ composite handle.

The Look

The majority of the bat is white.

The barrel graphics are digi-camo. One is black and the other is gray/white. The connection piece is black with red. The grip and knob are both black.

Don’t like the stock colors? You can customize the Voodoo on DeMarini’s custom builder here.


DeMarini didn’t include their new D-Tak grip on the Voodoo line. The Voodoo grip is a more traditional design that feels like synthetic leather. This material is firm, a bit sticky, and is speckled with a pattern of indented D’s for traction. These features made for a simple, high quality stock grip.

The handle had a medium circumference that fit in my hand well. This tapered into DeMarini’s RCK knob, which has an ergonomic design that is more comfortable against your bottom hand. This design makes it one of the most comfortable knobs on the market.

Feel/Swing Weight

Shocker: the Voodoo Balanced has a balanced swing weight. It’s pretty lightweight considering it’s a hybrid bat with a naturally heavier alloy barrel. I found it easy to control and really liked its feel. Many players choose to swing hybrid bats so they can feel the barrel a bit more during their swing. The lack of extreme lightness in the Voodoo allows this to happen. Here’s DeMarini’s swing weight chart so you can compare it with the rest of the lineup. The lower the score, the lighter the swing weight.


The Voodoo has always been a popular bat in the high school and college ranks, and this year’s model will continue the tradition. The grip and RCK knob combination gave the bat a comfortable feel in my hands. DeMarini introduced a handle made of its new Paraflex+ composite that allowed them to tweak the weight distribution a bit. It made the Voodoo feel a bit lighter. This handle gave the bat a little whip and killed the majority of the vibration in your hands, however you’ll still feel something if you miss the sweet spot too much. The large alloy barrel gave the bat a stiffer feel on contact. For those who like the sound, the bat produced a ping that’s toned down compared to one-pieces. With good barrel size and a lower swing weight, the Voodoo will be an effective bat in the hands of many hitters.


With a minor handle tweak, this year’s Voodoo Balanced will feel very similar to its predecessors. Still, that’s not an issue because it has been one of the most popular bats for the BBCOR era. If you hate the excessive sting of one-pieces but still like to feel the ball when you hit it, you can’t go wrong with a Demarini Voodoo Balanced.

BBCOR: Stock $300, Full Custom $430

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