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2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime Bat Review

2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR


The 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime is a completely new release, meaning that this is the first ever version of it. It is a multi-piece composite that is simply one of the highest performing BBCOR bats on the market. Priced at $499.95, it is the most expensive bat on the market, but if you have the budget it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

The Look

The majority of the Meta is a glowing metallic red and also includes black and gold.

Slugger’s new 3FX connection system has a cool look to it.

I like the look of the RTX endcap, too.


The Meta’s medium sized handle has a slight flare into a traditional knob. It utilizes a Louisville Slugger grip in place of the Lizard Skin that Slugger has used in the past. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a quality grip. It is rather thin and feels almost identical to a Lizard Skin (maybe its just a white-labeled Lizard Skin). Most hitters should find it to be comfortable in their hands.

Feel/Swing Weight

The Meta is one of the lightest swinging bats that Slugger offers. Based on their scoring chart, it is the lightest 33” and is the second lightest 34”. These light swing weights almost make it feel lighter than a -3. It’s remarkable how light Slugger was able to make it considering the absolutely massive barrel. Here’s a picture of Slugger’s MOI chart for easy comparison. The lower the score, the more balanced the bat is.


Slugger’s new EKO composite was silky smooth and allowed them to create an absolute monster of a barrel. This thing looks like a senior league bat, and I LOVE IT!  I felt like Slugger was able to create a giant sweet spot on the oversized barrel. This enormous hitting surface gives you a lot of room for error because if you do miss the sweet spot you are likely still putting mass behind the baseball. Hitters will also be able to really let the ball travel because of the extremely light swing weight. The bat was stiffer than I anticipated, especially considering it’s a multi-piece composite. Slugger attributes this to their new 3FX connection system, which stiffens the bat on the interior and exterior of the barrel. This connection system also led to minimal vibration in the hands on mishits, which hitters will really like. On contact, it produces a composite sounding ping that sounded very unique.


The Meta Prime is certainly on the expensive side, but offers great performance, feel, and looks. If you have the budget and are looking for one of the highest-performing composite bats out there, you cannot go wrong with Slugger’s Meta Prime. I’m really excited to see what Slugger has in store for the Meta line and anticipate seeing a lot of these on the field this year.

2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR | $499.95

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  1. Great bat but the my son broke the connection part hwo can i change that black plastic parts thanks

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