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CAT 8 BBCOR: $299.99 | -5: $229.99 | -8: $229.99 | -10: $229.99 | Junior Big Barrel: $179.99 Marucci’s CAT 8 returns this year looking to build off of the widespread success of the previous CAT models. It is structurally identical to the CAT 7 but is made of Marucci’s new […]

BBCOR: $450 USA: $350 Louisville Slugger’s Prime 919 looks to continue the recent success of the Prime bat line. It is a balanced multi-piece composite that features a large barrel with minimal vibration on mishits. It is the most expensive bat in Slugger’s lineup so far. The Look The base […]

Louisville Slugger Select 719 Bat Review BBCOR: $350 The Louisville Slugger Select 719 is a two-piece hybrid bat with a slight endload. The Select series was reintroduced last year with the 718 and was very successful in both the high school and college ranks. The Look The Select 719 continues […]

Louisville Slugger Select 718 Bat Review BBCOR $350, USA Certified (-5, -10) $300 The Louisville Slugger Select 718 is a 2 piece hybrid featuring an alloy barrel and composite handle. This gives the feel and sound of alloy without the high vibration you get with a one piece. Slugger didn’t […]

2018 Axe Bat Hyperwhip Fusion BBCOR Bat Review Price: BBCOR $300 Axe Bat has gained a lot of popularity in the wood and metal sectors over the past couple of months. The 2018 Axe Bat Hyperwhip Fusion is Axe’s high-end one-piece alloy. It features a large barrel, low swing weight, and […]

Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal BBCOR Bat Review Price: BBCOR $300, Senior League (-10) $200 Yes, this is a metal bat. In fact, it’s actually the CAT7 disguised as a wood bat. With the Posey28 Pro Metal, Marucci aims to disrupt the sometimes repetitive graphics found on metal bats today. In […]

2018 Demarini CF Insane BBCOR Bat Review Price: $450 The CF Series has been Demarini’s peak performance line since 2011. Last year, Demarini introduced the 2017 CF Insane as the first end loaded bat in the series. Designed for stronger hitters who can control a heavier swinging bat, the 2018 CF Insane […]

Editor’s Note: Welcome Aaron, aka The Bat Scout, to What Pros Wear.  We’re lucky to have him (and so are you).  We think that Aaron is the most trustworthy reviewer of bats on the internet.  The reason why is because he is the most qualified.  He was a 4-year starting outfielder at […]

Editor’s Note: Being that we are “What Pros Wear,” we don’t really talk much about metal bats.  It always feels like we are missing that piece, so I asked our bat expert Christian to give us his best metal bats, from T-Ball all the way through BBCOR.  Christian is a […]

Ever since I started doing this, I’ve been asked a lot of great questions.  The most popular question by far has been to explain the difference between the Louisville Slugger LXT and Xeno.  Well lets not waste any time and dive right in! Bat Xeno Plus LXT Hyper Price (MAP) […]

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