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2018 Axe Bat Hyperwhip Fusion BBCOR Bat Review


2018 Axe Bat Hyperwhip Fusion BBCOR Bat Review

Price: BBCOR $300

Axe Bat has gained a lot of popularity in the wood and metal sectors over the past couple of months. The 2018 Axe Bat Hyperwhip Fusion is Axe’s high-end one-piece alloy. It features a large barrel, low swing weight, and Axe’s unique handle. If you love the feel of a one-piece and like the Axe handle, this could be the bat for you. The 2018 model is priced at $300 but you can get the 2017 version (essentially the same bat in a different colorway) for around $210.

The Look


The 2018 model adopted most of the 2017 version’s graphics in slightly different colors. Axe uses a matte finish on the entire bat. The bat is designed for one-sided hitting, and the graphics mirror this. The hitting face of the barrel features a textured honeycomb pattern.


The opposite face of the barrel is smooth and features the Axe logo in addition to the measurements.


The carbon fiber endcap is visible throughout the top three inches of the bat.


The handle is mostly space gray, but is broken up with some black and orange-red lines. This leads into a black and orange-red knob.


We think that Axe came up with a quality, stealthy look that works well for the Hyperwhip series.

How do you like it?




The handle, obviously, is Axe’s signature axe-shaped handle. This handle, according to Axe: “enables your best swing, more often – maximizing bat speed and improving barrel control for harder, more consistent contact.” The handle really comes down to player preference. Personally, the handle feels great when I grip it, but I’m so used to swinging a traditional bat that I can’t make the switch. Some guys are going to love the feel and some are going to hate it. I highly recommend you find a way to test the grip in some way before making the purchase.


The grip tape is made of a thinner synthetic leather. It is on the softer side and has a honeycomb pattern pressed into it that allows for good traction.

Barrel/Feel/Swing Weight

The 2018 Hyperwhip Fusion has a balanced weight distribution. The barrel is large and has a medium taper down to the handle. Axe did a great job in maximizing the barrel size while maintaining a low swing weight. This balance and barrel size is tough to find in an alloy bat, as it is more difficult to work with. The bat features an interesting endcap that eliminates excess weight to allow for a lower swing weight. Axe is able to make an endcap like this because the bat is designed for one-sided hitting. The bat feels great in your hands and it feels like there was a lot of thought put into its construction.


The Hyperwhip Fusion is stiff throughout the entire swing with zero give on impact. While not surprising considering the bat is a one-piece alloy, it’s interesting that Axe chose the name “Hyperwhip” as there isn’t much whip in the bat at all. On contact, the bat produced a softer ping that didn’t leave your ears ringing. There was a lot of vibration on mishits, and while Axe claims to have dampened the vibration with their Endogrid™ technology built into the handle, you still get a fair amount of stingers. Still, players who swing one-piece bats know they’re going to get some vibration in their hands, so this shouldn’t be an issue for most. We were impressed with the bat and feel that it is a solidly constructed bat with a lot of thought put into it.


If you like the Axe handle and want a one-piece, this bat is kind of a no-brainer so you can stop reading here. If you’re like a lot of players and are interested in trying the bat but aren’t sure if you’ll like the handle, remember that Axe allows you to return the bat after a 30 day trial period. We enjoyed swinging the Hyperwhip Fusion and think that it’s a great contribution to the one-piece market.

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