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By Charles Carr As a young player, you’ve probably come across someone using a 44 Pro glove. Boasting an endless array of customization options, 44 Pro has built their brand on allowing customers to create a unique piece of leather at an affordable price point. We recently featured 44 Pro […]

Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 Review BBCOR: $200 Louisville Slugger’s Omaha 519 is a balanced one-piece that outperformed its price point. This year’s model returns with a new anti-vibration system called VIBEX. The Look The Slugger lineup has a clean look to it this year, and the Omaha is no exception. […]

CAT 8 BBCOR: $299.99 | -5: $229.99 | -8: $229.99 | -10: $229.99 | Junior Big Barrel: $179.99 Marucci’s CAT 8 returns this year looking to build off of the widespread success of the previous CAT models. It is structurally identical to the CAT 7 but is made of Marucci’s new […]

BBCOR: Stock $250, Full Custom $350 The Voodoo one is a light swinging one-piece. This year’s 2019 model is identical to the 2018, save for the paint job. If you want to save $50, pick up last year’s model here. The Look The Voodoo One is almost entirely glossy red. […]

BBCOR: Stock $300, Full Custom $430 The Voodoo Insane is an endloaded two-piece hybrid. It was revamped last year with a much larger barrel and stiffer handle. These changes instantly made it one of the most intriguing end-loaded bats available on the market. The 2019 model returns as a very […]

BBCOR: Stock $300, Full Custom $430 The 2019 Voodoo Balanced is a two-piece hybrid with an alloy barrel and composite handle. The Voodoo has always been an immensely popular BBCOR bat, and this year’s model returns to action with a new Paraflex+ composite handle. The Look The majority of the […]

BBCOR: Stock $450, Full Custom $580 Designed for power hitters, the 2019 CF Insane is a slightly endloaded two-piece composite with a meaty barrel. This year’s bat is constructed of DeMarini’s new Paraflex+ composite. The Look This year, DeMarini decided to go with a darker, more ominous scheme for the […]

BBCOR: Stock $450, Full Custom $580 The 2019 CF Zen is DeMarini’s flagship composite bat. It’s an ultra-balanced two-piece composite with a monster barrel. This year’s bat is constructed of DeMarini’s new Paraflex+ composite. The Look For the past couple years, the CF series has been white. DeMarini decided to […]

BBCOR: $450 USA: $350 Louisville Slugger’s Prime 919 looks to continue the recent success of the Prime bat line. It is a balanced multi-piece composite that features a large barrel with minimal vibration on mishits. It is the most expensive bat in Slugger’s lineup so far. The Look The base […]

Louisville Slugger Select 719 Bat Review BBCOR: $350 The Louisville Slugger Select 719 is a two-piece hybrid bat with a slight endload. The Select series was reintroduced last year with the 718 and was very successful in both the high school and college ranks. The Look The Select 719 continues […]

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