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Best of WPW 2017: Accessories (Lindor Training Glove, Yadi Gold Gear)


If you hadn’t already heard or seen it on our IG, WPW is doing a 2017 “Best of” playoff style countdown, celebrating a great year for baseball swag.

These are the best products in 4 categories: gloves, cleats, bats, accessories.  Your vote will determine the winner of each matchup over the next week, and we’ll crown the winners on Christmas Day.

First up, we are highlighting the accessories.  Here’s a quick run-down on the finalists, and don’t forget to vote in our Instagram Stories.

8th seed – Kolten Wong/Cardinals Stance Diamond Pro Socks


(Photo: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty)

Cardinals striped socks are one of the earliest forms of baseball swag.

Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals Stan Musial (5) in dugout with teammates during spring training. Florida 3/1/1957 CREDIT: John G. Zimmerman (Photo by John G. Zimmerman /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (Set Number: X4456 )

(Photo: John G. Zimmerman /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

A quick search seems to suggest that the Cardinals started wearing striped stirrups in the early 1900s.  To this day, the socks remain an iconic symbol of baseball excellence.

cardinals socks

Stance, which is basically the Apple of socks, has given new life to these classics with this new design, and more great players like Kolten Wong are wearing pants up because of it.  Get the Cardinals team-issue striped socks here.

7th seed – Nolan Arenado’s “mint” Nike MVP Elite Batting Gloves

Nolan Arenado Batting Gloves 2017

We are of the opinion that Nolan Arenado’s 2017 repertoire was the best of any player in the game.  His cleats are the favorite for best of the year, and the matching batting gloves might just take the accessory category, too.

Nolan Arenado Mint Batting Gloves

You know the designers at Nike are good when they can take a batting glove design from 3 or 4 seasons ago, and with a little color play, make it the sexiest batting glove of 2017.

6th seed – Brandon Crawford’s Mimsbandz Wristband

Brandon Crawford Mimsbandz Wristband

Legacy is a theme with our first class of “Best of” accessories.  Like Wong’s socks, Crawford’s Mimsbandz wristband has history.

Brandon Crawford Swing

It started with Dusty Baker, through Reggie Jackson, Ozzie Smith, and Gary Sheffield.  Brandon Phillips brought it back in the 2010s, and now guys like Arenado and Crawford wear the hand-sewn bands with their faces on them.

Brandon Crawford Batting Gloves

The cool thing about the bands is that they’re available at this link for $8.50 a pop.  Budget swag on par with the greatest in the game.

5th seed – Francisco Lindor’s Rawlings Puerto Rico Trainer


Lindor uses this paddle glove to quicken and soften his hands, which, for the 2016 platinum glover, are already lightning quick and butter soft.


A platinum patch on a training glove.  Baseball swag level: 100.

Lindor 2

Lindor’s also got a matching glove (which made our “Best of” gloves list).

4th seed – Salvador Perez’ Franklin Powerstrap Batting Gloves

Salvador Perez Cleats 2017

The Franklin Powerstrap batting glove has been a favorite of ours since it released, and Salvador Perez’ color schemes are always fire.

Salvador Perez Franklin Batting Gloves 2017

The Powerstraps have been adopted by great hitters like Jose Altuve and Dustin Pedroia, so we assume the performance is as good as any batting glove in baseball.

Shop the Powerstrap here.

3rd seed – Aaron Judge’s Stance HR Derby Socks

Aaron Judge Derby Cleats 2017

Admittedly, most people weren’t looking at Aaron Judge’s socks when he was hitting balls to Cuba at the Miami HR Derby in 2017.

Aaron Judge HR Derby Socks

The socks were fresh, none-the-less.

Get ’em here while they last.

2nd seed – Bryce Harper’s custom LizardSkins batting grips

Bryce Harper Lizard Skins

When Bryce posted this on his Instagram, it was a statement.  It may be a small touch, but if you don’t have your own logo on your bat grip which doesn’t even show when you’re batting, have you even truly “made it”?


2016 unanimous MVP doesn’t have to ask himself that question anymore, as Lizard Skins styled him with these grips.

Bryce Harper (Photo byTom DiPace )

What’s more, Lizard Skins has recently begun to offer custom grips for everybody at the no-brainer price of $3.50.  Get ’em here.

1st seed – Yadi’s gold gear

Yadier Molina Gold Mask

Yadi’s gold gear from the ASG is going to be hard to beat.  The All-Star MVP2300 mask and Rawlings Yadi gear stole the show.

Yadi ASG Chest Protector

Get over to IG and vote now.

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