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Gold Glove 2018: All 19 Winners’ Game Gloves (Chapman, Betts, Arenado, JBJ, Andrelton, Rizzo)

By Charles Carr

MLB’s 2018 Rawlings Gold Glove Awards feature 13 previous winners and six first-timers.  Remarkably, El Toro High School in Lake Forest, CA swept the Platinum Glove Award thanks to alumni Nolan Arenado and Matt Chapman.  Colorado (Nado/DJ), Oakland (The Matts), KC (Salvy/Gordon), and Arizona (Ahmed, Greinke) each took home a pair of Goldies, while Boston (JBJ, Betts, Kinsler) and Atlanta (Ender, Freddie, Markakis) completed the trifecta.  For the fourth time ever, there was a tie in the voting, between Freddie Freeman and Anthony Rizzo.  Here are 2018’s Gold Glove winners, and the gloves they wore:

Pitcher | NL | Zack Grienke

Zack Grienke took home his fifth straight Gold Glove award with his 12″ Rawlings Gold Glove RGG1200.  The glove is an absolute dime with Gold Trim and Opti-Core Technology.

Grienke obviously takes a lot of pride in his defense, and he has worn Rawlings’ top-of-the-line model for the last three seasons, as we’ve documented in previous Gold Glove roundups (2016, 2017).

Get Greinke’s glove here.

Pitcher | AL | Dallas Keuchel

Kid Keuchy took home his fourth Gold Glove in the last five years. He wears a Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS206-4BN Modified Trap. He relied on this black and navy model in previous seasons.

This past season, he stuck with this flashy orange piece complimented by grey laces and binding.

He also mixed in this grey and navy piece during shagging.

Shop the black here, orange here, and the grey one here.

Catcher | NL | Yadier Molina

After two years off the top, Yadier Molina won his ninth award with his trusty mesh-backed Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROYM4.

Yadi is the defensive standard when it comes to NL catchers, and with his Jumpman gear, he is untouchable in the swag department.

Shop Yadi’s catchers mitt here.

Catcher | AL | Salvador Perez

Salvy took home his fifth glove award in the last six seasons. The Venezuelan backstop threw out 48.1% of would-be base stealers this season, second in the Bigs (Maldonado, 48.6%).

Salvy has his own Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSP13B, but used a strapless version on the field this year (above).

This 32.5″ model is perfect for any backstop looking for a quick transfer behind the plate, and was included in our Top 11 On-Field Gear Wish List, sponsored by MLB & Eastbay.

Shop it here.

First Baseman | NL | Freddie Freeman and Anthony Rizzo

Freddie Freeman and Anthony Rizzo tied for the Gold Glove at 1st base, only the 4th time that’s ever happened. Taking home the award for the first time in his career, Freeman will be adding gold labels to his 12.25″ Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFM20XL H-Web.  Although, as humble as Freddie is, he may be one of the few guys to say “no thanks” to the flashy labels (don’t do it, Freddie).

Get Freddie Freeman’s glove here.

This is Anthony Rizzo’s second Gold Glove, and he did it with a mesh-backed 12.75″ Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROCMHCB2 mitt with platinum labels. This is the same model first base mitt that Albert Pujols rocked when he was with Rawlings.

Rawlings sells Rizzo’s first base mitt as a stock option here without the mesh.

First Baseman | AL | Matt Olson

Every single A’s infielder was nominated for a Gold Glove in 2018.  Matt Olson, one of the MVP’s of Oakland’s incredible 97-win season, picked up his first career Gold Glove at first base.  Olson wears a 13″ Rawlings Pro Preferred PRODCT in beautiful Bruciato and Camel.

Buy Olson’s glove here.

Second Baseman | NL | DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu picked up his third Gold Glove award with an 11.25″ Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP2-6C H-Web glove. He keeps it simple and classic with an all camel design complimented by purple stitching.

Get LeMahieu’s glove here.

Second Baseman | AL | Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler picked up the second Gold Glove of his career with his absolutely stunning 11.25″ Nike SHA|DO Elite. Kinsler is one of the most underrated 2-baggers over the last decade, and not just in his play.  His swag is exquisite, and his Nike glove popped with both the Angels’ and Red Sox’s uniforms.

Unfortunately, Kinsler’s model is a complete custom treatment and no longer offered by Nike. You can try your hand on eBay.

Shortstop | NL | Nick Ahmed

Nick Ahmed won his first career Gold Glove, knocking incumbent flow-master Brandon Crawford off after a three year reign. Ahmed uses a black Mizuno Pro “3-Deep” Web glove; the same model worn by the AL winner at shortstop, Andrelton Simmons.

Mizuno tends to fly under the radar, but often finds itself on the hands of MLB’s best infielders.

Buy Ahmed’s glove here.

Shortstop | AL | Andrelton Simmons

Mizuno has the Gold Glove shortstop market cornered this year, with Andrelton Simmons taking home the fourth Gold Glove of his career, and second in the American League. He used this masterpiece of an 11.5″ Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400JAX “3-Deep” Web in a rich-tan color.

Simba is a generational defensive player and a delight to watch. He makes throwing 95+ MPH darts across the infield look effortless.

Get Simmons’ glove here.

Third Baseman | NL | Nolan Arenado

Surprise, surprise: another year, another Gold Glove for Nolan Arenado, his sixth in six MLB seasons.  Nolan continues to use a 12″ Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI H-Web in a beautiful timberglaze colorway.  He’s got it with both platinum and gold (below) labels, gaming the gold labeled piece in 2018.

Shop Arenado’s glove here. You can also get a similar model, albeit different color here.

Third Baseman | AL | Matt Chapman

Taking home the first Gold Glove of his career, Matt Chapman also earned Platinum with an 11.75″ Wilson A2K 1787 I-Web glove. Chapman was the best defensive player in baseball this past year, bar none, and he did it using a stock model.

Shoutout to El Toro High in Lake Forest, CA, which now boasts TWO Platinum Glovers, Nolan Arenado and Chapman.  Who’s the better fielder?

Buy Chapman’s glove here.

Right Fielder | NL | Corey Dickerson

Dropped from the Rays after an All-Star 2017, Corey Dickerson kept right on ballin’ with his 1st career Gold Glove and a .300 batting average for the Pirates in left field. Dickerson used the outfield standard 12.75″ Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO303 H-Web in a simple black design with camel accents.

Get Dickerson’s glove here.

Right Fielder | AL | Alex Gordon

2014 Platinum Glove winner Alex Gordon continues to solidify himself as one of the decade’s best defensive outfielders, taking home his 6th Gold Glove using the same 12.75″ Rawlings Heart of Hide PRO303 H-Web pattern as always.

Get Gordon’s glove here.

Center Fielder | NL | Ender Inciarte

After previously winning with a Wilson, “Game Ender” picked up his third Gold Glove with a brand new Rawlings. He used a stealthy black and camel 12.75″ Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO303 H-Web. The camel pops beautifully with the gold labels. My oh my!

Get Inciarte’s glove here.

Center Fielder | AL | Jackie Bradley Jr.

Long overdue, JBJ finally won his first Gold Glove using a 12.75″ Rawlings PRO303 H-Web. This faded camel and black piece looks like it’s seen better days, but it’s still got some big plays in it.

The 2018 hero is also working in a blacked out version of the 303 pattern, too (above).  Buy JBJ’s game glove here.

Right Fielder | NL | Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis took home his third career Gold Glove with this 12.5″ Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO435JB single-post web in brown and camel.

Unfortunately, Rawlings discontinued this model, a slight variation of the PRO302.

He also used this red beauty during pregame.

Shop the red glove here.

Right Fielder | AL | Mookie Betts

MVP Mookie Betts took home a lot of hardware this offseason, including his third Gold Glove with his 12.75″ Wilson A2K MB50 Superskin H-Web. With the way he plays the outfield, Betts could very well join the exclusive club of outfielders who have won 10 Gold Gloves: Al Kaline, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Ken Griffey, Jr, and Andruw Jones.

Mookie also crushed the design of this Wilson glove.  The combo of red superskin with camel and navy leather gives me butterflies every time I see it.

Buy Mookie’s glove here.

Which of the 2018 Gold Gloves would be your gamer?

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