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Top 4 Cleats of MLB Spring Training

I’m sure a lot of you out there are looking to pick up a pair of cleats for the season, and rightfully you’ll be consulting your favorite Big Leaguers to make the right decision.  The good news is that there’s really four key players from four different brands.  Here’s what we’ve been seeing on our Florida tour, and you can bet that all four would get the job done.


We can start with Ronald Acuna’s New Balance 3000v4, a cleat known throughout the Bigs for its comfort.  Available here.

Amed Rosario is rocking the 3000v4s with TPU (not metal) bottoms on them in Spring Training.  This is most definitely a way for Rosario to ease the early wear and tear on his feet, which is why you’ll see a lot of guys with turfs on the field.

You can get the TPUs here, exactly like Rosario’s, too.


Another frequently seen cleat is the new Under Armour Yard.  Juan Soto has been rocking them in workouts.  Under Armour is offering some really exciting customization abilities with these, too.

You’ll notice that these are also non-metal bottoms (and a different plate entirely from the retail version).  We did find one retailer, Dick’s, with a TPU version of the Yards available, but its not exactly like Soto’s.

Ozzie Albies has a really sharp pair of Yards, too, and with metal bottoms.

The Braves have some of the nicest colorways we’ve seen of this cleat.  You can customize on UA or shop stock options here.

For catcher’s reference, the UA Yard metal is working for Spencer Kieboom of the Nats.


Adidas’ “speed cleat,” Ender Inciarte told us he’s a big fan of the Afterburner V.  We saw these often during the 2018 season, and the adiZero line maintains a strong presence this spring.  The Afterburner V is available here.

Alex Bregman rocked the Afterburner in the playoffs last year, and continues to wear them in workouts this spring.

You can get Bregman’s colorway here.

Last but not least, Tim Tebow is rocking the adiZero Afterburner V.  Tebow’s colorway is also available for purchase.  By the way, Tim Tebow does NOT look like a minor leaguer.  Guy is such a beast and he carries himself like a Big Leaguer.

We didn’t catch any other minor leaguers chumming it with AROD.  By the way, AROD’s sunglasses were by QUAY but we couldn’t find the style.  They go for as low as $29.  Who knew?


The Alpha Huarache Elite 2 is the cleat we’ve seen most on the field this spring.  Its extremely popular among all types of players, including Stephen Strasburg, who gets A1 treatment by Nike with his PEs year after year.  Shop the Alpha Huarache 2 here (looks like Eastbay’s got a new look).

This year, it looks like Stephen has a baby’s footprint as a pattern on his Alpha Huaraches!  It may be his most recent child, a baby girl who was born in 2017.  We have no idea, though, but its definitely the first we’ve seen it, and its very cool.  You won’t get your baby’s footprints on your Huaraches but you can customize them here.

DeGrom, too.  His look like the Lows.

In his new Atlanta threads, Josh Donaldson’s been rocking the Alpha Huarache Elite 2 Mids in MCS versions available here.  Surprisingly we couldn’t find the mids in Donaldson’s red.

Robby Cano is also wearing the Alpha Huarache Mid MCS.  Get these in Cano’s colorway here.

Which will you be rocking this year?

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