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This offseason, Mizuno Sports invited What Pros Wear to Japan to meet one of the world’s best ballglove makers, “The Glovemeister,” Ko Kishimoto, and to see him and his glove technicians at work. In Episode 1 of 3, we’ll find out what it takes to be the Glovemeister FROM the […]

By Ben Masi The season is fast approaching. With that, players are starting to think about gear. At WPW, we want to give some insight into some of our favorites and some of the gear most popular with the pros we cover. When looking at gloves, there are four major […]

Following our 2018 cleat and bat/batting glove reports, here we’ll break down the gloves used in the MLB in 2018.  We’ve tracked gloves since 2013, and the top two brands, Rawlings and Wilson, have not wavered. In 2018, Rawlings reached their highest total market share since we’ve been keeping track, […]

Josh Donaldson, a long-time Rawlings guy, was photographed by WPW wearing a Mizuno Pro Limited glove today.  As we understand it, Donaldson has left Rawlings for good, and though we can’t yet confirm he’s going to be rocking a Mizuno glove in 2018 game action, it appears Mizuno is at […]

By Jay McEvoy Mizuno is one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, and has been known for outfitting some slick-fielding pros: Brett Gardner, Andrelton Simmons, Ichiro, and Chris Sale are a few of the many big leaguers who have shown loyalty to the Runbird this year (some for […]

Hope ya like pink because every park in the MLB is about to get lathered in it for Mother’s Day.  Franklin Sports leads us off with a couple of very pink pairs of BGs.  If you play for the Flamingos you’re in luck, they can be had at this link. […]

The shortstop position in the Big Leagues is an elite fraternity of the greatest, most athletic fielders in the world.  Shortstop, aside from catcher, is the most demanding position on the field, and a player’s glove is his livelihood.  Here are the best gloves that the best shortstops are taking to their spot […]

Mizuno has never been the sexiest brand, but that’s not what they’re going for.  Mizuno makes Major League quality products for elite players that demand performance.  Today we have our first look at a future release from Mizuno, the Dominant IC cleat, due out in October 2016.  If you are looking […]

We showed you the top bats swung in the MLB last week, and now its time for the gloves. In this report, we tallied the glove choice of every single MLB starter, not just the players we’ve profiled on What Pros Wear. To be clear, that is Baseball Reference‘s primary […]

By Ben Stockton As intensely interested as I am in footwear, I have always had an eye on the cleats worn by MLB players. I’ve asked myself, is every brand equally represented in baseball?  Do the top-, mid-, and lower-tier players wear equal amounts of each brand? How do those brands fluctuate over time? […]

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