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I love coming across baseball glove brands that I had never heard of before. Yusei Kikuchi, lefty starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, was able to put me on to King of the Hill – a brand that one of his friends had started. Formerly a Mizuno guy, we […]

By Ben Masi The season is fast approaching. With that, players are starting to think about gear. At WPW, we want to give some insight into some of our favorites and some of the gear most popular with the pros we cover. When looking at gloves, there are four major […]

Following our 2018 cleat and bat/batting glove reports, here we’ll break down the gloves used in the MLB in 2018.  We’ve tracked gloves since 2013, and the top two brands, Rawlings and Wilson, have not wavered. In 2018, Rawlings reached their highest total market share since we’ve been keeping track, […]

Since 2013 we’ve been tracking the gloves of Major League Baseball (MLB).  In 2013 and 2014, it was every player, and from 2015 on, we honed in on the brand and web choice of every starting position player, based on Baseball-Reference.com team stats.  Below is our MLB Gloves 2017 report.  […]

Wilson recently launched their 2018 glove line, including their new game models.  They bring the heat year after year, but we wanted to narrow it down for those of you who are in the market.  Here’s our top 5 Wilson game model gloves from their 2018 line: #5 – Dustin […]

(Josh Donaldson’s Heart of the Hide/Pro Preferred fusion will soon be available to us humans) BY JAY MCEVOY There are many topics that have divided this country for centuries with seemingly no end in sight: Politics, religion, or whether the hot dog is a sandwich.  Since 2001, an even more […]

Gearing up for spring training (we’re headed to Florida next week), but I wanted to share our next video with you guys.  We’re going to call this one “What’s in the Bag” and its pretty self-explanatory.  What do you keep in your baseball bag?  First up is our boy Josh […]

We showed you the top bats swung in the MLB last week, and now its time for the gloves. In this report, we tallied the glove choice of every single MLB starter, not just the players we’ve profiled on What Pros Wear. To be clear, that is Baseball Reference‘s primary […]

It looks like its been out for a few weeks, but we still wanted to make sure you guys knew that the top-of-the-line Under Armour catcher’s mitt has been released. It is available here. This is the same one we saw Brian McCann testing out back in May, and heard […]

My boy Matty directed my attention to these and its only right to share.  Wilson does an excellent job putting these together and offer a few bits of insight into the players’ choices. The embedded video is actually a playlist, and the lineup includes not only the Phillies, but the […]

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