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Wilson’s Top 5 2018 Game Model Gloves

Wilson recently launched their 2018 glove line, including their new game models.  They bring the heat year after year, but we wanted to narrow it down for those of you who are in the market.  Here’s our top 5 Wilson game model gloves from their 2018 line:

#5 – Dustin Pedroia’s A2000 DP15 Glove

Dustin Pedroia Glove 2017 3

I noticed a lot of people hating on this glove, saying the colors are no good, and I wholeheartedly disagree with that assessment.

Dustin Pedroia Wilson Glove 2017 4

If you told me these were the colors, and I hadn’t seen the glove, I’d probably be skeptical, but man did this glove turn out pretty.

Dustin Pedroia Wilson Glove 2017

It looks great now, but with Pedroia’s standard recipe of sweat and blood and dirt and spit and tar and filth all over it, this glove should be unrecognizable by Spring Training 2018.

Get Dustin Pedroia’s glove here.

#4 – Mookie Betts’ A2K MB50 Superskin Glove


Here’s a little sabermetrics for ya… Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) is a sabermetric statistic used to measure fielding. It compares the event that actually happened (hit/out/error) to data on similarly hit balls in the past to determine how much better or worse the fielder did than the “average” player.  Mookie Betts UZR rating is 16.4, a full 4 points better than the next closest outfielder, and a full 2 points better than anyone else in the league.  Whether you fuss with sabermetrics or not, when a guy distances himself that much from other defensive superstars, take note.  Mookie Betts is not just good, he’s GREAT, and at every facet of the game.

Betts’ A2K MB50 employs weight-saving Superskin, so Mookie doesn’t even lose a fraction of a step.

Get Mookie Betts’ glove here.

#3 – Sierra Romero’s A2000 SR32 Fastpitch Glove


Yes its Fastpitch, and yes, it’s flames.  Sierra Romero is one of the greatest college softball players ever, and is currently starring as an infielder for the USSSA Pride of the NPF league.  Her glove has what Wilson calls their “Custom Fit System,” “so that every Fastpitch player can have a glove that fits her hand — no matter how tight she wears it.”  It sounds like this glove would fit smaller hands, and if you’re a small-handed baseball player I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for you, too.

Get Sierra Romero’s glove here.

#2 – Josh Harrison’s A2K 1786


Harrison’s black and yellow Wilson repertoire is always on point.  I’ve legitimately never seen a J-Hay model I didn’t like, and the fact that he wears one of MLB’s favorite infield models, the 1786, makes this a great candidate for a serious infielder.


The glove we photographed Harrison wearing is slightly different than the model offered by Wilson, but I can assure you that both are very sexy.

Get Josh Harrison’s glove here.

#1 – Jose Altuve’s A2000 JA27


Number 27 in your program, number 1 in my heart, Jose Altuve and his JA27 simply can’t be beat.  He is so good, and this glove is a showstopper.

Jose Altuve Glove 2017 Spring

The JA27 is a cross-web (or single post) with a little added swagger.  The lacing through the vertical post is just enough to set it apart.

Jose Altuve Glove 2018 model

Get Jose Altuve’s glove here.

Best In-Line Model

carlos correa glove

A2000 1785

This is definitely cheating because the 1785 is Carlos Correa’s game glove (even though he doesn’t say it in the video), but its not technically a Wilson game model (yet).  Its the same style as Altuve’s cross-web, but with even better colors in my opinion.  Get it here.

You can shop the rest of the 2018 game models, including Brandon Phillips, Todd Frazier, and Robbie Cano at this link.

UPDATE: Adding a poll (what was I thinking?)…

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  1. Jose Altuve is my favorite player on the astros and all of baseball

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