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Top 11 On-Field Gear Gifts on WPW’s Christmas List | Sponsored by MLB + Eastbay

If you’re shopping for a style-minded baseball player, you’re in good hands.  Since 2012, we’ve been the Baseball Swag Bible.  Eastbay & MLB asked me, the ballplayer behind WPW, to take a look at their gift guide and come up with my own Christmas Wish List.  DON’T MIND IF I DO!  In this article, I’ve hand-picked the swaggiest ON-FIELD MLB items on Eastbay for your consideration.  In our previous post, we covered the seven team apparel items on our wishlist.

Price range varies from $30-$450.  Click here to browse all of Eastbay.com’s MLB collection.

For the Swaggy Player on too Many Teams

Wilson A2000 1786 11.5″ Infield Glove – $260

A razor sharp glove that will look good with any uniform.

The 1786 also happens to be one of the most popular middle infield patterns in the MLB.

Wilson A2K 1787 11.75″ Infield Glove – $360

This blonde/copper/black Wilson A2K 1787 is made of “flawless” leather with a little more versatility than the 1786, thank to its extra 1/4 inch length.  Yankee 3B Miguel Andujar wears the 1787, and this colorway, like the 1786, will also look good with any uniform.

For the performance differences between these two Wilson leather types (A2000 vs A2K), we consulted Astros utility man Tony Kemp:

The Loudest Glove on the Field

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Color Sync 12.75″ Outfielder’s Glove – $260

Flex.  This glove flexes some of Rawlings’ newest aesthetic features, including a carbon fiber shell and “Color Sync” labels, on its most popular outfield pattern.

The Rawlings H-Web is worn by 44% of starting MLB outfielders, like Platinum Glover Kevin Kiermaier… an insane number.  If its attention you want, this carbon fiber shell/royal blue stunner will ensure that you get it.

Its a stunning glove, similar to one of our all-time favorites from Alcides Escobar.  Because of its “loud” look, though, the outfielder who wears this glove should be ready to put in a little extra practice on defense.  A fancy glove does you no good if you play like there’s a hole in it.

The Return of the TT2

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Color Sync PROTT2 11.5″ Infielder’s Glove – $260

Troy Tulowitzki’s PROTT2 glove pattern reached legend status a few years back, and this camel/navy/columbia blue work of art is a beautiful tribute.  Just the right amount of swag, this infielder’s glove will be the envy of every single teammate.  

The 5x Gold Certified Catcher’s Mitt

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSP13B 32.5″ Salvador Perez Game Model Catcher’s Mitt – $260

Salvador Perez has won five Gold Gloves in six full seasons as an MLB catcher.  This is his favorite model.  For a catcher, this is the equivalent of a pony for Christmas.  Have tissues on-hand ‘cuz it might get emotional.

The Robby Cano

Wilson A2000 RC22 Superskin Infielder’s Glove – $260

Superskin, the synthetic material that makes up the shell fingers of this glove, is half the weight and twice as durable as leather.

Robinson Cano has used this material on his glove for several seasons, and his Mariner green is a WPW favorite.

Dee Gordon’s “Best Cleats Ever”

Under Armour Yard Low ST – $90

Dee Gordon, a guy who demands more from his cleats than just about anyone in the MLB, was so jacked up about these cleats that he DM’d @whatproswear on the first night he ever wore them in a game.  “They’re honestly the best cleat I’ve ever worn,” Dee said.

The Cleat for the 100 Game Season

Under Armour Harper 3 Low ST – $110

Metal spikes have the best grip, which is why most serious ballplayers prefer it.  Recently, though, many MLB starters have worn plastic cleats to reduce the wear and tear that metal cleats can cause.

Bryce Harper has pioneered a way to get the best of both worlds.  The Harper 3 is a hybrid, with a metal front for optimal grip and a TPU (plastic) back for more comfort when at rest.  These cleats not only match every jersey, but the ballplayer with the extreme schedule will get some relief from the hybrid design.

The Harper 3 is the cleat that I want most.

The BBCOR Bat for Every Hitter

Louisville Slugger Prime 919 BBCOR Bat  – $450

Highlights from our Prime 919 review:

  • “one of the best performing composite bats on the market. 
  • “Its large barrel and light swing weight will appeal to a lot of hitters.”

Scored 60 (very good) in our review:

The Endloaded BBCOR Bat for the Advanced Hitter

Louisville Slugger Select 719 Hybrid Bat – $350

Highlights from our Select 719 review:

  • “designed for a stronger, more experienced hitter…”
  • “…so popular in college.”  

The Select 719 features an alloy barrel and composite handle.  It scored 65 (excellent) in our review:

The Pro’s Choice

Franklin CFX Pro Chrome Batting Gloves – $30-$40

Franklin is worn by 35% of MLB starters, the most of any brand.  The CFX Pro is their most popular style, and a batting glove that will last.

Ours and Rookie of the Year Ronald Acuña’s favorite is the single-color chrome, but you might find one you like in the more colorful $30 batch, too.

Be sure to check our team apparel wishlist, too.  If you have any questions about these products, hit me up on Twitter or IG @whatproswear, and I’ll do my best to answer every question.

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